The Corrupt Bargain

Nancy Pelosi strikes a corrupt bargain with the Treason Caucus to push the DREAM Act amnesty through the lame duck

District of Corruption

After returning from the gym, I learned in the comments that the awful DREAM Act has passed the House of Representatives. The Democrats under Speaker Nancy Pelosi rammed the amnesty through in the lame duck session. After spending weeks discussing immigration and politics, I was hoping to take a short break from the subject before Congress reconvenes in January.

The House

This is awful news.

The final vote in the House was 216 to 198: 38 Democrats voted against the bill and 8 Republicans supported it.

The Republicans who voted for the bill were Joseph Cao (Louisiana 2), Mike Castle (Delaware 1), Charles Djou (Hawaii 1), Vern Ehlers (Michigan 3), Bob Inglis (South Carolina 4), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Florida 18) and Mario Diaz-Balart (Florida 25) and Lincoln Diaz-Balart (Florida 21).

Joseph Cao and Charles Djou were defeated in the midterm elections. Mike Castle was defeated in the Delaware Senate primary by Christine O’Donnell. Vern Ehlers retired. Bob Inglis was knocked off in his primary. Lincoln Diaz-Balart retired.

Every single Republican who is sticking around in the next Congress (with the exception of Mario-Diaz Balart and Ilena Ros-Lehtinen in Miami) voted against the DREAM Act.

With a Republican majority in the House and Lamar Smith and Steve King in charge of immigration policy, we won’t have much to worry about on that front for the next two years.

The Treason Caucus

The roll call vote on the DREAM Act reveals a number of “screw you” votes from Democrats who were defeated in the 2010 midterm elections. I recognize a lot of these names.

In the “yes” column, we find Earl Pomeroy (North Dakota), Stephenie Herseth Sandlin (South Dakota), Walter Minnick (Idaho), Ike Skelton (Missouri), John Spratt (South Carolina), Tom Perriello (Virginia), Rick Boucher (Virginia), Gerald Nye (Virginia), Betsy Markey (Colorado), John Salazar (Colorado), Lincoln Davis (Tennessee), Harry Mitchell (Arizona), Bob Etheridge (North Carolina), Suzanne Kosmas (Florida), Allen Boyd (Florida), Alan Grayson (Florida), Dina Titus (Nevada), James Oberstar (Minnesota), Steven Kagan (Wisconsin), Baron Hill (Indiana), Mary Jo Kilroy (Ohio), Steve Driehaus (Ohio), Harry Teague (New Mexico), Chet Edwards (Texas), Ciro Rodriguez (Texas), Solomon Ortiz (Texas), Mark Schauer (Michigan), Phil Hare (Illinois), Bill Foster (Illinois), Debbie Halvorson (Illinois), Melissa Bean (Illinois), John Adler (New Jersey), Michael MacMahon (New York), John Hall (New York), Scott Murphy (New York), Daniel Maffei (New York), Paul Hodes (New Hampshire), and Carol Shea-Porter (New Hampshire).

By my count, I have found at least 38 Democrats who ran for reelection in the 2010 midterms, were defeated, and responded by retaliating against voters by voting for the DREAM Act. It is also very revealing that so-called “conservative Democrats” like Chet Edwards, John Spratt, Rick Boucher and Ike Skelton were on this list.

In other words, a Treason Caucus of at least 46 Democrats and Republicans who won’t be returning to Congress (that is not a complete count) voted for the DREAM Act amnesty in the lame duck session. They lost their races and responded by shafting their constituents.

The Senate

Tomorrow morning, Harry Reid will be holding the fateful vote on the DREAM Act in the Senate. In the midterm elections, Reid promised to hold a vote on the DREAM Act to boost Hispanic turnout. We have a much better chance of defeating a cloture vote in the Senate than in the House.

In the Republican column, Bob Bennett of Utah and Richard Lugar of Indiana are expected to vote for the bill. Bennett was defeated in the primary. Lugar is running for reelection in 2012.

In theory, there should be a sufficient amount of Democratic defectors to kill the DREAM Act in the Senate. Several Democratic Senators have already gone on record saying they will vote against the bill. We can only wait and see if they keep their word.

The behavior of known traitors like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Lisa Murkowski will also be closely watched tomorrow. Graham is on record saying he will vote against the DREAM Act, but that doesn’t mean anything.

The Founding Fathers

Are you mad enough yet?

Nancy Pelosi compared the passage of the DREAM Act in the House to the Founding Fathers. The DREAM Act is what the Founders would have wanted. It is what they hand in mind for their posterity (isn’t that in there somewhere?) with the Great Seal of the United States. We owe this vote to the Founders … the same people who passed the Naturalization Act of 1790 which based American citizenship on European ancestry.

The inescapable conclusion to be drawn from this whole vulgar, disgusting episode – this corrupt bargain with the Treason Caucus – is that the Democratic Party is the anti-White party.

The progressive movement must be annihilated root and branch in every state in the Union. That means voting against progressives wherever they hold elected office as well as their Blue Dog enablers who put them in power.

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4 Responses to The Corrupt Bargain

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  2. Landsknecht says:

    “By my count, I have found at least 38 Democrats who ran for reelection in the 2010 midterms, were defeated, and responded by retaliating against voters by voting for the DREAM Act.”

    Just a quick question as I am not fully up to par with the finer details of your political system:

    How is the above possible? No, not the fact that they voted for this travesty, but how is it that they can vote on such a critical issue AFTER they have been defeated in the mid-term elections? Is there some sort of ‘lag time’ between getting booted out of congress and actually having to leave?

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