DREAM Act fails in Senate, deals blow to anti-White movement

He who laughs last laughs best

District of Corruption

The fight against the DREAM Act amnesty not only proved that the American political process is not as broken as White Nationalists once imagined, but that the forces of communism, treason, and race suicide can be pushed back – no matter how powerful.

For over nine years, RINOs and Democrats have conspired to push the DREAM Act through Congress, and with a mulatto in the White House and a solid Democratic majority in the House and Senate, fate briefly seemed destined to smile on advocates of amnesty for illegal aliens, who pinned their hopes on Dirty Harry’s ambition and Nancy Pelosi’s corrupt bargain with the Treason Caucus, to pass at least one small portion of their radical agenda.

Congratulations to all those who struck a blow against these enemies of America. This victory would not have been possible without the brave decision by so many of you to stand your ground and represent the commonsense views of your constituents.

How’s that for a change?

Even today, the anti-White movement is busy skewing the facts and spoonfeeding pro-amnesty propaganda to the mainstream media and the public. Imagine2050, an anti-White organization with ties to the Far Left and hate groups like the NAACP and La Raza, has repeatedly trashed White America on a daily basis for over two years now.

White Americans are smart enough to read the tea leaves and see through their smokescreen of hypocrisy and lies. They know that rewarding criminals and pandering to anti-White hate groups is hardly in their racial self interest.

We are winning this debate. These criminals will remain in the shadows where they rightly belong … until we elect a government willing to deport each and every single one of their sorry tan asses back to Mexico or whatever corrupt Third World hellhole they originally hailed from.

Numerous reports have shown that rewarding  illegal aliens with a “path to citizenship,” in-state college tuition, and access to other public services would have been a significant drag on the American economy. And yet the anti-White movement continually proffers false information to distort the truth.

Seriously, how can anyone look at a bankrupt state like Mexifornia – the Greece of the Pacific – and claim it is a model worth imitating? How does America benefit from assuming the burden of supporting Mexico’s underclass?

The DREAM Act’s fate now lies in the hands of the U.S. Senate, which is expected to vote again on the bill next week. Harry Reid pulled the bill from the floor yesterday morning because he lacked the votes to secure a filibuster proof majority.

Regardless of how the House vote was decided, the Senate has spoken, and we have defeated this Crime Against America yet again. And this is a victory, which we must savor.

We have always known that the majority of Americans reject amnesty for illegal aliens, as the polls have consistently shown this, and the electorate most recently proved it by tossing out pro-amnesty RINOs and 63 Democrats in the 2010 election cycle, replacing them with restrictionists like Lou Barletta, in spite of hysterical cries of “racism” from anti-White groups such as Imagine2050.

These so-called “progressive” organizations have been put on notice that what they malign as “hate” is now mainstream and their anti-White plot against America will no longer be tolerated.

Editor’s Note: This is a spoof of the original Imagine2050 article.

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