Imagine2050 on Amren 2011

White patriots protest the Sheraton in Charlotte

North Carolina

Imagine 2050 is doing some celebrating in the endzone over the cancellation of the 2011 Amren conference.

I can’t say that I blame them. It is only natural for human beings to accentuate the positive. It has been quite a long time since Imagine2050 had anything to crow about in the United States.

In the course of this article, the Editors of Imagine2050 take turns with their potshots aimed at Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, Matt Parrott and this writer.

After reading this triumphant article, you would think these people had won the Superbowl of politics. If memory serves, they suffered a devastating knockout blow on that front last December.


It would be a waste of my breath to spend my time attempting to prove to this audience that Imagine2050 is an anti-White hate group. That much has been established beyond reasonable doubt.

My job is to point out what isn’t so clear.

The first observation is that the 2011 Amren conference was pulled off to some limited degree. It was filmed from a remote location. This is also what happened at the 2010 Amren conference. The regulars convened and enjoyed the event without interruption.

If the 2011 Amren conference had been a private, invitation only event all along, it never would have been shutdown and more people would have showed up and participated, especially considering that the people who really didn’t need to be there would have been excluded.

The second observation is that Matt Parrott, Andrew Yeoman, Jew Among You and a few others protested the Sheraton. They should be congratulated for their good work. Their little band of protesters sent a message on behalf of most sectors of the White Nationalist community.

Yeoman has said on Facebook that the Sheraton protesters got more than a few positive responses from the locals. This should be expected considering that at least 20 percent of Whites in North Carolina are explicitly racially conscious.

Back in June, I traveled to South Carolina to attend a CofCC sponsored Confederate Flag Rally in Columbia. We also got some positive feedback from the locals. There are far more Whites in South Carolina who are pro-Confederate and pro-White than anti-Confederate and anti-White.

In the Carolinas, White Nationalists have favorable demographics to work with in the White community. If racialists could only succeed in organizing the people who already agree with us on race and immigration, we would have built a nice political base for ourselves there.

The Point

Therein lies our problem.

The problem is not that Jared Taylor publishes a monthly newsletter and tries to hold biannual suit and tie national conferences.

Similarly, the problem is not that Andrew Yeoman and Matt Parrott cannot persuade the Sheraton corporate hotel chain to change their policies with the small numbers they can turnout on the ground.

The problem is that the vast majority of White Nationalists are spending their time, energy, and resources on grossly ineffective forms of activity that produce no return on their investment.

We can diagnose the failure in Charlotte as being one of approach, messaging, organization, strategy and entrepreneurialism. Simply put, the infrastructure is not in place to defend our rights in a place like Charlotte.

The enemy had all these advantages. We shouldn’t therefore be surprised that the 2011 Amren conference was cancelled.

Considering what White Nationalists spend most of their time doing, which is to say venting their frustrations on the internet, it would have been truly shocking if the event was not shutdown under leftwing pressure.


Imagine2050 wants to make mountains out of molehills about the cancellation of the 2011 Amren conference.

Here’s what they don’t want to talk about: persistent unemployment, growing concern over the national debt, the legal assault on Obamacare and the 14th Amendment, Obama’s sagging poll numbers after Egypt, their crippling defeats at the federal and state level in the midterm elections, the retirements of Senators Webb and Conrad, the likelihood of losing the Senate and White House in 2012, the defeat of the DREAM Act three times last year, and especially their defensive losses at the state level in the months of January and February.

The Treason Lobby is getting their asses kicked all over the map of Red America. Just last night, the Arizona-style immigration law cleared committee in the Indiana Senate, which is far more significant than any Amren conference in North Carolina.

Learning Curve

Last year, I learned a few lessons about the White Nationalist movement. In August, I shutdown our operation in Virginia and relocated to Alabama.

The sole remaining purpose of this website is its usefulness as an open line of communication to White Nationalists.

I learned from my experience in Virginia that White Nationalists will never get anywhere without the means and legitimacy to communicate our message to a mass constituency. It also became apparent that it was senseless to oppose immigration through the vehicle of White Nationalism.

It is so much easier to walk into the conservative movement and organize the White majority against Imagine2050’s legislative agenda that way. I was impressed – and somewhat inspired – by all of Imagine2050’s rave reviews of Roy Beck and Kris Kobach last year.

Six months later, the Democratic Party in Alabama and Georgia lies in a smoldering pile of ruin, with the few remaining White Democrats in Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana competing with each other to jump ship. In the Deep South, we are well on our way back to one party rule.

Long gone are the days of Don Siegelman and Roy Barnes. It is once again a shameful act in this part of the country for a self respecting White person to vote for the “African-American” party. Racial polarization is back with a vengeance.

This is hardly my doing. It is just the spirit of the age.

The White majority is clearly and unmistakably turning its back on the progressive agenda and stampeding in the opposite direction. This is also what happened in the aftermath of Reconstruction.

Final Thought

White Nationalism is hopelessly premature.

The White majority isn’t ready to talk about such extreme measures. We have isolated ourselves by traveling too far ahead of the curve.

The good news though is the White majority really is headed in our direction. That wagon train is travelling at a much slower pace a few miles back down the road.

It can be accelerated with the proper leadership. That will require a change in our approach though toward our erstwhile antagonists.

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