White Zionism

Brigham Young leads the Mormons to Utah


The subject of White Zionism is fresh on my mind. In recent weeks, I haven’t given much thought to the issue.

Sam Dickson’s remarks at the 2011 Amren conference about “Euro-Zionism,” Harold Covington’s recent attacks on the PLE model, and a recent interview with a Wyoming reporter have rekindled my interest in the subject.

I have also been reading a book called “Manifest Destinies” about America’s westward expansion. This includes some discussion about the Mormon exodus to Utah and the creation of their initial settlements in Salt Lake City. The material is germane to the ongoing debate about the Northwest Migration.

I haven’t seen anything over the past two months to change my opinion on the matter.

(1) In November, I was convinced that violence was grossly counterproductive and largely a rhetorical escape outlet for fantasists who substitute a purely imaginary means for real means.

The Giffords shooting in Arizona and the Spokane bomb have only reinforced my opinion on that topic.

(2) In November, I was convinced that the Pacific Northwest wasn’t the ideal destination for White Nationalists. These behemoth Blue States dwarf the more conservative, sparsely populated Red States in the Interior West.

The rapid colonization of the Pacific Northwest by illegal aliens has reinforced that view. The growing resistance in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and North Dakota to illegal immigration and government overreach has only made those states look more attractive.

(3) In November, I thought we should work through the system and with the populist conservatives in these Red States to mainstream White Advocacy.

I still see more potential for a migrant driven breakthrough in those four states than our relative chances elsewhere. Kansas and Nebraska can be added to that list.

(4) In November, I was convinced that settlement, organization, legitimacy, and community outreach were far more important than rhetorical radicalism.

I haven’t changed my mind on that subject either.

In order for White Zionism to succeed, we need to dial down the rhetoric, and ratchet up the settlement and community organizing. The major obstacle to White Zionism has always been the perception that it really isn’t a viable solution.

Some advice for migrants:

(1) Move to the smaller states of the Interior West like Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. You will have more of an impact there.

(2) Embrace the system. Work within the system to legitimize our cause. Demonstrate the viability of the White Zionist model. This is necessary to spark any viable migration.

(3) Settle these states as conservatives and libertarians. Go there as conservatives with teeth. Instead of being treated as social pariahs, you will be embraced by the natives. Just call yourself a conservative while advocating White Nationalist policies.

If you just want to live a nice and quiet life with friendly neighbors, nothing is stopping you from doing so.

(4) Don’t act out in public. No one wants to see Neo-Nazis parading around in Halloween costumes in the town square. Instead, you should act like a model citizen to gain power, wealth, and legitimacy, things which are actually of some use to potential migrants.

(5) Go positive. There are positive things you can do for both White natives and White migrants. Look to the example of Christianity to win converts.

(6) Appeal to self interest. In order to attract new migrants, focus on the ways that migration is of practical benefit to individual families. Don’t appeal to violent fantasies or racial idealism. We don’t need those types of people around disrupting the migration project anyway.

Point to the lower taxes, better schools, cheaper land, more conservative neighbors, attractive women, and the favorable demographics and low key isolation of the region.

We need to spend less time appealing to these abstractions that only intellectuals care about, and more time to the practical advantages of colonization, to spark a real and sustained migration to the Interior West.

That will be all for now.

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