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Maine and MLK

Maine As we move toward the annual deification of Martin Luther King in the United States, I don’t feel like posting yet another ritual attack on his destructive legacy. I’ve read enough of those over the years. Instead, I would … Continue reading

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Boss Hogg’s Mississippi

Mississippi Mississippi was the first state that I looked at in my state by state analysis of the immigration wars. That was before the midterm elections. I want to take a closer look at this state before the fireworks start … Continue reading

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Happy Kwanzaa

District of Corruption Statement by the President and First Lady on Kwanzaa “Michelle and I extend our warmest thoughts and wishes to all those who are celebrating Kwanzaa this holiday season.  Today is the first of a joyful seven-day celebration … Continue reading

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Steele Out

District of Corruption The Michael Steele era as RNC Chairman will soon come to an end. Steele is expected to announce today he is dropping out of the race for a second term. His departure is the latest success story … Continue reading

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Obama Delivers Reparations

District of Corruption If it wasn’t a bad enough day with the Democrat majority in the House passing the DREAM Act amnesty to reward Mexican criminals for violating our national sovereignty, President Barack Hussein Obama delivered reparations to black farmers … Continue reading

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