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Today’s Minutemen

Eastern Ohio Time has completed a six month investigation into the rightwing militia movement. The final product is an article called “The Secret World of Extreme Militias” which ominously reveals that “recruiting, planning, training and explicit calls for a shooting … Continue reading

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Review: Reveille for Radicals

Chicago, 1946 In 1946, Saul Alinsky wrote Reveille for Radicals, the precursor to the more well known, Rules for Radicals, which I reviewed earlier this month. Alinsky’s first book was written more than a generation earlier and strikes the reader … Continue reading

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Down the Mississippi

Jackson, MS Mississippi is the latest state to flirt with Arizona-style immigration reform. The Mississippi State Senate held hearings this afternoon about the issue. Various leftwing interest groups like the NAACP, Immigrant Rights Alliance, and ACLU testified. Several lawmakers plan … Continue reading

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Decline in the Dakotas

The Dakotas In Midwestern Meltdown, I looked at the decline of the Democratic Party in the American Heartland. Democrats are bracing themselves for huge losses in the Midwest. Nowhere has this decline been more precipitous than in the Dakotas. 55% … Continue reading

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Midwestern Meltdown

The Midwest The Democrats are bracing themselves to get slaughtered in the Midwest come November. From Western Pennsylvania to the Great Plains, White Independents disillusioned with Obama are preparing to take out their anger and frustrations on Democratic governors, senators, … Continue reading

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Jacksonian America

Clinton Country In The Weekly Standard, ┬áJay Cost draws my attention to an article by Sean Trende published last year at RealClearPolitics about the demise of the Clinton coalition. A year later, this process is far more advanced than it … Continue reading

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Our Crisis, Our Opportunity

The Street Samuel Phillips has penned an article at TOQ Online that touches upon all the red meat of From the Provinces: explicit White Advocacy, implicit Whiteness, the Tea Party, and Red America. Since these topics are the focus of … Continue reading

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