Causa Oregon

Causa Oregon rallies support for amnesty in the Pacific Northwest


I have been waiting for six months now to write an immigration related story about Oregon.

I haven’t heard of anything out of this state. This always struck me as quite odd because I check the news several times daily.

If something related to restrictionist immigration reform was going on in Oregon, I certainly would have heard about it by now and would have made a point to mention it on this website.

I finally have some news to report.

Unfortunately, it is not good news. This is another demoralizing testament to the theoretical chaos and disorganization of the movement in the Pacific Northwest.

Causa Oregon

Illegal aliens have been busy in Oregon.

They have formed an “immigrant rights organization” called Causa Oregon to advance their interests there. This Hispanic racial advocacy group works to “defend and advance immigrant rights” in the Pacific Northwest.

Causa Oregon volunteers have been working for months on a signature drive to build support for two bills being introduced in the Oregon state legislature.

(1) The first bill would restore access to driver’s licenses for illegal aliens in Oregon.

(2) The second bill is an Oregon version of the DREAM Act which would allow illegal aliens to attend Oregon state universities with in-state tuition rates.

Last night, Causa Oregon held in a meeting in Eugene. They drew a crowd of about 800 supporters.

This Hispanic advocacy group has a broad platform and has built alliances with other leftist groups like the “LGBT community” to advance a common progressive agenda.

The Resistance

I made an interesting discovery while browsing through their website.

Causa Oregon is organizing resistance to five proposed restrictionist immigration laws which have been introduced in the Oregon House by Republican state legislators.

I briefly mentioned Oregon’s version of the Arizona-style immigration law in my post about the 80,000 illegal aliens which have recently settled in Oregon and Washington.

HB 2802 Prohibits restrictions on public body’s ability to enforce immigration law to extent permitted by federal law. Authorizes legal resident to bring civil action against public body that violates prohibition.

HB 2803 Requires county to verify immigration status of person incarcerated in county correctional facility.

HB 2804 Requires evidence of citizenship for persons registering to vote for first time in this state.

HB 2805 Prohibits state agencies from providing employment, products, services or licenses to persons who are not lawfully present in United States.

HB 2806 Limits deductibility of expenses related to employment of workers hired on or after January 1, 2012 to workers whose eligibility for employment in United States has been verified through federal E-Verify employment verification system.

Listen to this:

We must take immediate action to ensure that none of these extreme bills have a chance of becoming law. In addition to creating a divisive climate, they also represent an economic burden for our state and local governments, businesses, and local law enforcement agencies—something our state can’t afford.

Please call our newly inaugurated Co-Speakers of the House, Senate President, and Governor at the phone numbers below.

Co-Speaker of the House Bruce Hanna – (R-Roseburg) 503-986-1200
Co-Speaker of the House Arnie Roblan – (D-Coos Bay) 503-986-1300
Senate President Peter Courtney– (D-Salem) 503-986-1600
Governor John Kitzhaber 503-378-4582

Tell them that Oregon is not Arizona. Let them know that we don’t want Representative Kim Thatcher or others to create a divisive political climate in Oregon. Explain that we do not want our state officials to take the role of federal agents. We want common-sense solutions to our economic problems and not extremist legislation.

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Striking Back

Take action in North Carolina

North Carolina

I have a few questions:

(1) How many of you are pissed off about the cancellation of the 2011 Amren conference?

(2) How many of you are sick and tired of the Jewish Defense Organization, Imagine2050, and One People’s Project?

(3) How many of you want to do something to retaliate against our enemies?

(4) How many of you live in North Carolina or know someone who does?

If you answered “yes” to all four questions, I have a mission for you.

There are three pending bills in the North Carolina state legislature that are of some interest to us.

(1) House Bill 36 prohibits state and local governments from entering into contract with those who employ illegal aliens.

(2) House Bill 33 is a Voter ID law which will negate sanctuary city policies in Durham and Cary.

(3) House Bill 11 would ban illegal aliens from attending all universities and community colleges in North Carolina.

Imagine2050 is opposed to these bills. They are playing defense. We are playing offense. Help us ram these bills down their throats!

If you live in North Carolina, please contact your state legislators and tell them to vote for these bills. Tell them you strongly support Voter ID reform and banning illegal aliens from North Carolina universities.

As a long term project, we need to be creating state based networks which we can tap to twist the arms of state and local lawmakers when situations such as this arise.

There is nothing stopping anyone from creating a Facebook group specifically for White Nationalists who live in North Carolina. You can always create a pseudonym account, join the Facebook group, and use it to coordinate activist efforts across your state.

Organize the masses from the comfort of your own home. It costs you nothing but time and effort.

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Imagine2050 on Amren 2011

White patriots protest the Sheraton in Charlotte

North Carolina

Imagine 2050 is doing some celebrating in the endzone over the cancellation of the 2011 Amren conference.

I can’t say that I blame them. It is only natural for human beings to accentuate the positive. It has been quite a long time since Imagine2050 had anything to crow about in the United States.

In the course of this article, the Editors of Imagine2050 take turns with their potshots aimed at Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, Matt Parrott and this writer.

After reading this triumphant article, you would think these people had won the Superbowl of politics. If memory serves, they suffered a devastating knockout blow on that front last December.


It would be a waste of my breath to spend my time attempting to prove to this audience that Imagine2050 is an anti-White hate group. That much has been established beyond reasonable doubt.

My job is to point out what isn’t so clear.

The first observation is that the 2011 Amren conference was pulled off to some limited degree. It was filmed from a remote location. This is also what happened at the 2010 Amren conference. The regulars convened and enjoyed the event without interruption.

If the 2011 Amren conference had been a private, invitation only event all along, it never would have been shutdown and more people would have showed up and participated, especially considering that the people who really didn’t need to be there would have been excluded.

The second observation is that Matt Parrott, Andrew Yeoman, Jew Among You and a few others protested the Sheraton. They should be congratulated for their good work. Their little band of protesters sent a message on behalf of most sectors of the White Nationalist community.

Yeoman has said on Facebook that the Sheraton protesters got more than a few positive responses from the locals. This should be expected considering that at least 20 percent of Whites in North Carolina are explicitly racially conscious.

Back in June, I traveled to South Carolina to attend a CofCC sponsored Confederate Flag Rally in Columbia. We also got some positive feedback from the locals. There are far more Whites in South Carolina who are pro-Confederate and pro-White than anti-Confederate and anti-White.

In the Carolinas, White Nationalists have favorable demographics to work with in the White community. If racialists could only succeed in organizing the people who already agree with us on race and immigration, we would have built a nice political base for ourselves there.

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White Zionism

Brigham Young leads the Mormons to Utah


The subject of White Zionism is fresh on my mind. In recent weeks, I haven’t given much thought to the issue.

Sam Dickson’s remarks at the 2011 Amren conference about “Euro-Zionism,” Harold Covington’s recent attacks on the PLE model, and a recent interview with a Wyoming reporter have rekindled my interest in the subject.

I have also been reading a book called “Manifest Destinies” about America’s westward expansion. This includes some discussion about the Mormon exodus to Utah and the creation of their initial settlements in Salt Lake City. The material is germane to the ongoing debate about the Northwest Migration.

I haven’t seen anything over the past two months to change my opinion on the matter.

(1) In November, I was convinced that violence was grossly counterproductive and largely a rhetorical escape outlet for fantasists who substitute a purely imaginary means for real means.

The Giffords shooting in Arizona and the Spokane bomb have only reinforced my opinion on that topic.

(2) In November, I was convinced that the Pacific Northwest wasn’t the ideal destination for White Nationalists. These behemoth Blue States dwarf the more conservative, sparsely populated Red States in the Interior West.

The rapid colonization of the Pacific Northwest by illegal aliens has reinforced that view. The growing resistance in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and North Dakota to illegal immigration and government overreach has only made those states look more attractive.

(3) In November, I thought we should work through the system and with the populist conservatives in these Red States to mainstream White Advocacy.

I still see more potential for a migrant driven breakthrough in those four states than our relative chances elsewhere. Kansas and Nebraska can be added to that list.

(4) In November, I was convinced that settlement, organization, legitimacy, and community outreach were far more important than rhetorical radicalism.

I haven’t changed my mind on that subject either.

In order for White Zionism to succeed, we need to dial down the rhetoric, and ratchet up the settlement and community organizing. The major obstacle to White Zionism has always been the perception that it really isn’t a viable solution.

Some advice for migrants:

(1) Move to the smaller states of the Interior West like Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. You will have more of an impact there.

(2) Embrace the system. Work within the system to legitimize our cause. Demonstrate the viability of the White Zionist model. This is necessary to spark any viable migration.

(3) Settle these states as conservatives and libertarians. Go there as conservatives with teeth. Instead of being treated as social pariahs, you will be embraced by the natives. Just call yourself a conservative while advocating White Nationalist policies.

If you just want to live a nice and quiet life with friendly neighbors, nothing is stopping you from doing so.

(4) Don’t act out in public. No one wants to see Neo-Nazis parading around in Halloween costumes in the town square. Instead, you should act like a model citizen to gain power, wealth, and legitimacy, things which are actually of some use to potential migrants.

(5) Go positive. There are positive things you can do for both White natives and White migrants. Look to the example of Christianity to win converts.

(6) Appeal to self interest. In order to attract new migrants, focus on the ways that migration is of practical benefit to individual families. Don’t appeal to violent fantasies or racial idealism. We don’t need those types of people around disrupting the migration project anyway.

Point to the lower taxes, better schools, cheaper land, more conservative neighbors, attractive women, and the favorable demographics and low key isolation of the region.

We need to spend less time appealing to these abstractions that only intellectuals care about, and more time to the practical advantages of colonization, to spark a real and sustained migration to the Interior West.

That will be all for now.

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Lemmings and Miracles

Miracles are not solutions

White America

Rasmussen has a new poll out that sheds considerable light on the subject of how White Nationalists should engage White America. There are two competing points of view on this subject.

“Mainstreamers” believe the White majority is sympathetic to our beliefs and that we should work through the system to connect with a mass audience and confront our enemies in a lawful manner.

“Vanguardists” believe that the White majority are “lemmings” who dance to whatever tune is played by an elite cabal of string pullers in the mass media. They believe in rejecting the system and forming a “hardcore nucleus” of true believers who will rise to power in the aftermath of the collapse.

State of America

Here are the latest poll numbers:

– 57 percent of likely U.S. voters believe the policies and practices of the federal government encourage illegal immigration.

– 21 percent of likely U.S. voters believe the federal government does not encourage illegal immigration.

– 47 percent of voters say that relying on the federal government to enforce federal immigration law is a better approach than relying on individual states to enforce immigration law.

– 44 percent of voters would rather rely on the individual states to enforce federal immigration law.

– 68 percent of voters say that securing the border is more important than legalizing illegal aliens.

– 25 percent of voters say that legalizing illegal aliens is more important.

– 64 percent of voters say the U.S. military should be used to secure the border.

– 60 percent of Republicans favor the states acting on their own to enforce federal immigration laws.

– 59 percent of Democrats think it is better to rely on the federal government to enforce federal immigration laws.

– 78 percent of mainstream voters say that border security is more important than legalizing illegal aliens.

– 50 percent of the political class thinks border security is more important than amnesty.

– 70 percent of mainstream voters believe the federal government encourages illegal immigration.

– 54 percent of the political class believes the federal government does not encourage illegal immigration.

– 65 percent of the political class would rather rely upon the federal government to enforce immigration laws.

– 55 percent of mainstream voters would rather rely upon the states to enforce immigration laws.

– 58 percent of Americans oppose granting birthright citizenship to the children of illegal aliens.

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The Northwest Migration

An estimated 80,000 "top notch" illegal aliens have recently settled in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest

The pioneers are once again trekking across the North American continent to settle in the Pacific Northwest.

They are bound for the Oregon Country in the modern equivalent of Conestoga wagons. These American dreamers have answered the call to “come home” to the Northwest Homeland.

Unfortunately, they are illegal aliens.

The Pew Hispanic Center has released a new report that tracks national and state trends in illegal immigration. Their findings contradict the common wisdom of the White Nationalist movement on changing racial demographics.

Let me get straight to the point:

Illegal aliens are leaving the Southwest, Northeast, and Eastern South. They are moving to the Northwest, Midwest, and Western South.

From 2007 to 2010, an estimated 415,000 illegal aliens left the Southwest, 260,000 left the Northeast, and 115,000 left the South. Florida, California, and New York lost over 600,000 illegal aliens to other states.

From 2007 to 2010, 80,000 illegal aliens moved to the Pacific Northwest. 60,000 of those illegal aliens settled in Washington. 20,000 settled in Oregon.

The Midwest gained 80,000 illegal aliens. Michigan gained 30,000 illegal aliens. Illinois gained 25,000. Iowa gained 20,000.

The biggest losers are Texas (+200,000), Washington (+60,000), Kentucky (+35,000), Louisiana (+30,000), and Michigan (+30,000).

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Wise Latina: Discriminate Against Whites

Sonia Sotomayor: Our society is "too complex" for equal justice


Sonia Sotomayor, the “Wise Latina” of the Supreme Court, recently made some headlines in the mainstream press.

She gave a speech to the University of Chicago Law School in Illinois. There was a question and answer session with law students.

Sotomayor made some candid remarks about her thoughts on the topic of “racial justice.” She has kept a low profile since her confirmation hearings.

In particular, Sotomayor took issue with the old hat “civil rights” cause of “colorblindness.” She told the forum that our society is “too complex” to stop discriminating on the basis of race. That formula is “too simple” for her.

A week before, Sotomayor told students at Kansas State University that we still have “structural problems in the society that have to be addressed before we reach full equality. We can’t live in a society where the poorest children are the poorest educated.”

In other words, Hispanic judicial activists like Sonia Sotomayor (who represent the “people of color”) must be allowed to discriminate against Whites in the name of “racial justice” to overcome “white privilege” and “structural racism” in the United States.

Sotomayor believes they have a license to do this until racial disparities in poverty and education are eliminated – which is to say, the discrimination against Whites will go on indefinitely, so long as people like her are on the Supreme Court.

If you want to know where this idea of “structural racism” originated, check out the Racism Review website. It is one of the most reliable anti-White hate sites on the internet. They blog about “systemic racism” and “structural racism” all the time there.

Racial discrimination against non-Whites is never “too simple” or “too complex” for the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. It is never “too simple” or “too complex” for the New York Times either which wrote a glowing review of her speech.

If you feel that “racial justice” requires you to discriminate against Whites on the basis of race, you should send your resume to Barack Obama and Eric Holder. The Democratic Party ought to be able to find you some type of employment in the vast federal bureaucracy they have created with White taxpayer dollars.

Constructive Response

How do we respond to this?

We live in a society where Whites are discriminated against on the basis of race. Progressives on the Supreme Court and at the New York Times dump on White America from their perches at the pinnacles of law and journalism.

The response in the White Nationalist movement to Sonia Sotomayor will invariably come in two forms: “mainstreamer” and “vanguardist.”

This reflects the timeless division in American politics between “hotheads” and “cool heads.” The cooler heads must prevail.

I will articulate our position. I’m sure the hotheads will show up in the comments to share their point of view.

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