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On Violence: A Rejoinder

The Vanguard Greg Johnson has some thoughts about violence over at Counter-Currents. I have some thoughts of my own about the subject. This is an extended version of what Kevin MacDonald has already said at The Occidental Observer. (1) Is … Continue reading

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Mississippi Second

Mississippi Mississippi was the very first state that I took a look at last year. Last September, the Mississippi Senate was holding hearings about the possibility of adopting an Arizona-style immigration law. State Sen. Joey Fillingane was spearheading that effort. … Continue reading

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Brown Herring: The J.T. Ready Saga Continues

Arizona Last July, James Ryan (no relation to Jack Ryan) wrote a story in VDARE about the mainstream media’s attempt to smear restrictionists in Arizona through guilt by association with J.T. Ready and the NSM. In Phoenix Farce, I wrote … Continue reading

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