Amren 2011: Questions and Answers

The White Patriot Party marches on Raleigh

North Carolina

In my last post, I asked some tough questions about the cancellation of the 2011 Amren conference in Charlotte.

In this post, I will take a crack at answering them. I will close out the discussion of this topic by trying to offer some constructive solutions to the problem of holding future conferences.

Questions and Answers

(1) What are his critics on the internet doing to advance White Nationalism? Where is their conference? Where is their newsletter? Where are their television and radio appearances?

The answer to the first question is nothing much.

Jared Taylor is one of the few White Advocates who always speaks responsibly about race in public. He is easily the best communicator in the movement. There isn’t a White Advocate in America who comes across as more sympathetic to our target audience.

I can’t answer the second question to my satisfaction.

I am sure there are White Nationalist organizations out there that dislike Jared Taylor and regularly hold their national conferences on private property. These groups have no appeal to me. I don’t follow them and couldn’t tell you what they are doing.

Some of Jared Taylor’s critics have appeared on television and radio.

Glenn Miller appeared on the Howard Stern show last year. I can’t think of anyone else. If these people have appeared on television and radio, I haven’t seen any sign of them.

(2) Is a sixty year old man supposed to do everything?

Obviously not.

Jared Taylor is good at what he does. He also does far more than most. If we were trying to liquidate the White Nationalist movement, Amren and VDARE would be counted as assets, not as liabilities.

Amren is a great publication. The biannual conferences are a bright spot in a rather dismal scene. There isn’t a classier operation in the movement.

The debacle in Charlotte has less to do with Jared Taylor and Amren than with what White Nationalists in general have and haven’t been doing in North Carolina. This is also true of Mississippi where a Memphis area hotel reneged on David Duke’s EURO conference.

It doesn’t matter whether White Nationalists are naming the Jew. The threat to our civil rights is a common problem that transcends that particular issue.

It stems from a common cause.

(3) Were these people – the system rejecters – of any assistance to Jared Taylor and Amren in Charlotte? Were they of any assistance last year when Jeffrey Imm derailed the 2010 conference?


The “system rejecters” have proven useless in both episodes. They don’t have the resources or the inclination to pressure the Sheraton hotel chain or Mayor Patrick Cannon in Charlotte.

(4) Is there a pro-White elected official in Charlotte or North Carolina that the White Nationalist movement can appeal to?

I don’t know of any such elected official.

(5) Are there White Nationalists in North Carolina even bothering to run for elected office in that state?

I don’t think so.

I don’t know of anyone there trying to win a seat in the North Carolina state legislature or on the Charlotte city council. To my knowledge, there is no one there running a professional campaign, or even contemplating a serious run for public office.

(6) Is there are a White equivalent to any of these organizations?

The closest analogue would be EURO.

White Nationalists haven’t supported EURO or the A3P to the extent they could have done. This is the dirty little secret of the White Nationalist movement.

The vast majority of White Nationalists don’t support their own organizations. Yet they expect conservatives to join them and become White Nationalists.

(7) Why hasn’t the White Nationalist movement succeeded in organizing the 1/5th of the White population (at a minimum) that agrees with us on our most important issues?

This question has a complex answer.

– The vast majority of White Nationalists are content to post anonymous comments on the internet. Their participation in the movement is limited to venting their frustrations in cyberspace under pseudonyms.

– Most White Nationalists who are inclined toward “activism” are vanguardist exhibitionists who acting are out their own sense of individuality. They are not trying to convert anyone to White Nationalism.

– White Nationalists become addicted to a radical rhetoric in the course of their “education” on the internet. I have already mentioned the withdrawal process in my previous post.

It will suffice to say that the radical rhetoric disinclines them to interact with people who are less radical than they are, rhetorically speaking, even if we need the support of those people to create a White ethnostate in this country.

– A large percentage of White Nationalists are unable to communicate with this racially aware audience for various reasons. Some of them are stridently anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-republican, etc.

They would end up picking a fight with racial conservatives. The conversion process would end badly.

– White Nationalists rely upon the internet to disseminate their message. The racial conservative audience doesn’t rely as heavily on this medium.

– The racial conservative audience doesn’t see the White Nationalist movement as a viable resistance to the status quo. Most of the people who care about immigration and multiculturalism are going to support groups which are successful at addressing these problems.

– It simply hasn’t occurred to White Nationalists in North Carolina to organize the 20 percent of the White population that is racially aware in that state. They aren’t even trying to do so.

(8) Why haven’t Whites in North Carolina joined the National Socialist Movement, World Church of the Creator, National Alliance, Confederate Hammerskins, Ku Klux Klan, or White Revolution?

These groups are seen in a negative light for various reasons. It is somewhat attributable to media bias, but much of it has to do with their own actions, and how these groups present themselves to the public.

The majority of people who agree with our core issues don’t perceive any of these groups as viable.

(9) What happened to the White Patriot Party?

I’m not sure.

I believe it dissolved sometime before Glenn Miller declared war on the federal government and appointed himself President of the Confederate States of America.

(10) What is preventing them from reaching a wider audience?

The CofCC suffers from an elite imposed lack of legitimacy in North Carolina. It is labeled and marginalized as a “notorious white supremacist organization.” The substance of the CofCC political platform is quite popular in North Carolina and the other Southern states.

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Amren 2011 Cancelled

2011 Amren Conference cancelled due to anti-racist pressure

North Carolina

The White Nationalist movement is spilling a lot of ink right now discussing the cancellation of the 2011 Amren conference. Before writing another essay about the topic, I would like to frame this debate by asking a series of questions.

(1) Jared Taylor is being widely criticized around the internet on White Nationalist blogs and forums.

What are his critics on the internet doing to advance White Nationalism? Where is their conference? Where is their newsletter? Where are their television and radio appearances? Is a sixty year old man supposed to do everything?

(2) The Egyptian riots are being broadcast across the Arab world by al-Jazeera.

Where is the White Nationalist equivalent of al-Jazeera, Russia Today, BET, or Univision?

(3) The loudest critics of Jared Taylor seem to be people who are in favor “rejecting the system.”

Were these people – the system rejecters – of any assistance to Jared Taylor and Amren in Charlotte? Were they of any assistance last year when Jeffrey Imm derailed the 2010 conference?

(4) Patrick Cannon is described as the Mayor Pro Tem of Charlotte.

Is there a pro-White elected official in Charlotte or North Carolina that the White Nationalist movement can appeal to?

(5) Are there White Nationalists in North Carolina even bothering to run for elected office in that state?

I am not referring to Glenn Miller for Senate campaigns.

(6) Jews have the ADL and AJC. Blacks have the NAACP and the Urban League. Hispanics have the NCLR and MALDEF.

Is there are a White equivalent to any of these organizations? Blacks and Jews started creating their own ethnic defense organizations over a century ago.

(7) North Carolina is an Upper South state. It is reasonable to assume that at least 20 percent of Whites in North Carolina are racially conscious. The majority of these people identify as “Christians” and “conservatives.”

Why hasn’t the White Nationalist movement succeeded in organizing the 1/5th of the White population (at a minimum) that agrees with us on our most important issues?

(8) According to the SPLC, there are a number of pro-White organizations active in North Carolina.

Why haven’t Whites in North Carolina joined the National Socialist Movement, World Church of the Creator, National Alliance, Confederate Hammerskins, Ku Klux Klan, or White Revolution?

What happened to the White Patriot Party?

(9) The CofCC has chapters in North Carolina.

What is preventing them from reaching a wider audience?

(10) Blacks and Jews work within the system to advance their anti-White policy positions.

How has pacifism and waiting for the inevitable collapse of the system worked out for us as a strategy? Doesn’t this lack of resistance only empower our enemies and create a self fulfilling prophecy of White marginalization?

(11) According to Gallup, the White majority in North Carolina describe themselves as “conservatives.” A healthy percentage of those “conservatives” dislike the NAACP, support our free speech rights, support restrictionist immigration laws, and many are even racially conscious.

What sense does it make to attack the people we need to win in North Carolina? Are we better off for distancing ourselves from our audience?

(12) Amren has spent almost twenty years educating the public in White racial consciousness. This has produced a few thousand anonymous, intimidated, disorganized converts to race realism scattered across North Carolina.

Shouldn’t we be educating White Nationalists in how to fight back? Isn’t that just as important as converting them to White racial consciousness? Isn’t action more important than rhetoric?

(13) There are probably a few thousand White Nationalists in North Carolina who subscribe to our ideas.

What is the use of spreading an ideology that no one in North Carolina seems inclined to act upon?

(14) I was at the 2010 Amren conference. There was a lot of talk there about filing lawsuits.

What happened to those lawsuits? What happened to the idea of creating a White Nationalist version of MALDEF or the NAACP Legal Defense Fund?

“Ideas” like that have been floating around for decades.

(15) The enemy seems to have all the power in North Carolina. They are organized to the precinct level in Charlotte. Negroes like Patrick Cannon hold elected office. They are well financed and have their own media outlets.

There are some White Nationalists who are ideologically committed to disorganization though. Does that make any sense?

(16) It sure would be nice if there was, say, a network of pro-White activists that could be tapped to stage rallies and mass protests in North Carolina. Illegal aliens seem to be able to do this all the time.

How is that illegal aliens can rally across North Carolina at a month’s notice whereas White Nationalists seem to be utterly rudderless on this front?

(17) I’m sure that White Nationalists in North Carolina have posted thousands of radical comments on popular online forums like Stormfront and VNN over the past decade.

There is no shortage of blogs and forums that cater to this audience. I used to run one myself.

What has all that internet posting – all that “spreading of ideas” – ever accomplished for us in North Carolina?

(17) This is not the first time an Amren conference has been shutdown. Last year, Jeffrey Imm succeeded in cancelling Amren’s reservations at several DC area hotels.

I took it upon myself to confront and condemn Jeffrey Imm in the streets of DC twice. In February and June, we were the only ones there. This is only a small illustration of a larger point.

Why don’t White Nationalists join their own organizations? Why don’t they show up at their own events? How can we ever break the taboos against us by “spreading ideas” – safely, harmlessly, anonymously – on the internet?

(18) George Lincoln Rockwell predicted the “collapse of the system” would happen in 1969.

After 42 years, there are still White Nationalists who believe the inevitable collapse of the system will still solve all our problems. In 2008, I was told that the United States was going to collapse in a hyperinflation downward spiral on the Weimar model.

Is it not sensible to assume that we need a backup plan or a better plan for advancing our goals?

(19) White Nationalists have spent the last 17 years spreading ideas on the internet.

Were we better off  before the internet when David Duke was running for Governor of Louisiana? Why hasn’t using the internet as an education tool been as successful as we hoped?

(20) White Nationalists use the internet to educate White people in White racial consciousness. The internet has a scatter shot effect: it reaches isolated people who are geographically scattered across a wide area.

These people use the internet as a substitute for community. It often causes them to withdraw from their real communities, friendship networks, and kinship networks in favor of an ideological substitute.

In the most extreme cases, some White Nationalists become so alienated and ideological that they become estranged from their own family members.

Does this make White Nationalists more or less effective at converting ordinary White people to White Nationalism?

(21) I have two final questions.

Given the refusal of White Nationalists to organize in the real world and flex their political power in North Carolina, a state with favorable demographics for White Advocacy, why should we expect our situation to be otherwise?

What does it say about the course of the White Nationalist movement that we can no longer defend our most basic civil rights?

Is there something we are not doing that we should be doing? Is there something we are doing that we should not be doing?

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Saving South Dakota

South Dakota to consider Arizona-style immigration law

South Dakota

Pierre is another sleepy state capital about to plunge head first into the churning waters of national immigration policy.

The South Dakota legislature will soon be considering three new proposed restrictionist immigration laws:

(1) An Arizona-style immigration law that will allow law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of anyone who they believe might be an illegal alien in South Dakota.

The bill would also make it illegal for anyone to transport or conceal an illegal alien or encourage illegal aliens to move to South Dakota.

(2) A birthright citizenship law which would challenge granting U.S. citizenship to anchor babies. This is the “state compact” which is the brainchild of Kris Kobach and State Legislators for Legal Immigration.

(3) A bill that would penalize anyone who “knowingly employs, transports or conceals” an illegal alien in South Dakota.

You know the drill by now.

Republicans are sponsoring all three bills. Democrats are generally opposed to the new laws.

The ACLU plans to file lawsuits. The business community and human rights organizations are complaining about racial profiling and the economic costs of enforcement.

68 percent of voters in South Dakota support the passage of an Arizona-style immigration law. 61 percent of South Dakotans oppose the Justice Department lawsuit against Arizona.

This is the same story that we see everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether it is South Dakota, Indiana, or Mississippi.

A Familiar Pattern

There are several inconvenient truths on display here:

(1) The mainstream media is unanimously opposed to restrictionist immigration reform in South Dakota. The public is broadly supportive of Arizona and copycat laws.

Ordinary people are not lemmings who mindlessly repeat whatever they read in the newspapers. They are capable of weighing the evidence and making their own decisions.

(2) Conservatives are overwhelmingly supportive of Arizona-style immigration reform. Progressives are overwhelmingly opposed to it.

In the White Nationalist community, there is a popular legend that there are no real substantial differences between Left and Right. This is demonstrably false.

(3) Republicans who represent conservative districts are almost always the ones who file new restrictionist immigration laws in the state legislatures. Democrats generally vote against our interests on immigration.

I’ve looked at over half the states in the Union. Over the past five months, I have repeatedly shown that immigration is now a partisan issue.

(4) Populist conservatives are carrying all the water on the immigration front.

Far from being worthless, conservatives are the only constituency in America that ever does anything about immigration.

(5) There is a strong positive correlation between the racial and ideological composition of a state and its support for restrictionist immigration reform.

If a state has a strong conservative majority and a Republican dominated state government, it tends to be more inclined to pass restrictionist immigration laws.

(6) The strength of the business community at the state level plays an important role in determining whether or not restrictionist immigration laws get passed.

The business community is especially strong in Western states like Wyoming, Idaho, and Kansas. The pro-business wing of the Republican Party is the enemy.

It makes no sense to reject Republicans like Nathan Deal and Russell Pearce on account of Sam Brownback and Lindsey Graham. The sensible course of action is to replace pro-business Republicans with populist conservative candidates through the primary process.

If we respond to our predicament intelligently, we can change the composition of Congress and the state legislatures over time.

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Kris Kobach’s Legal Jihad

Kris Kobach makes national headlines


Newsweek has a big story on Kris Kobach. He has gotten some negative attention lately from the SPLC and Center for American Progress. Largely due to his efforts, the Left is playing defense on immigration across America this year.

The SPLC has accused Kobach of waging a “legal jihad” and “blazing a trail of tears.” He is working through the system to accomplish in the real world what the fantasists on the internet have talked about for decades.

This is White Nationalism 2.0 in action: smart, sophisticated, incremental, engaged with the system, radically realistic.

Frustrated by the federal stalemate on illegal immigration, cities and states have spent the last few years crafting their own curbs on unlawful residency. The most publicized of these was in Arizona, which ordered police with “reasonable suspicion” to check people’s immigration status (and went further last week, introducing a bill that aims to deny citizenship to children born in the state whose parents are there without permission). Lawmakers have worked aggressively as well in Nebraska, Texas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Idaho, among other states, punishing schools that educate undocumented immigrants, landlords who rent to them, and businesses that hire them.

What unites these measures, however, is more than a hardline approach to border control. It’s their ties to one man: Kris Kobach, a Kansas-raised former law professor who has emerged as the intellectual architect of the right’s fight against illegal immigration. The 44-year-old has authored, aided, or officially defended almost every controversial stance in the country, beginning with his work as chief immigration adviser in John Ashcroft’s Justice Department.

This year may be Kobach’s most influential yet. From a base in Kansas, where he is the newly seated secretary of state, Kobach will help Arizona defend his laws against all comers. Both the Justice Department and American Civil Liberties Union have sued the state, claiming that immigration is a federal matter. He’ll also counsel a dozen or so states that are considering copycat laws and a coordinated assault on birthright citizenship. And he’ll litigate at least four ongoing immigration-related cases, including lawsuits against California (for extending in-state college-tuition rates to the undocumented) and San Francisco (for failing to notify immigration authorities before a thrice-arrested alien allegedly murdered three people). It’s a “legal jihad,” according to a new report by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which calls the path he’s blazing “a trail of tears.” . . .

The best use of our time and resources is to support winners like Kris Kobach, Rand Paul and NumbersUSA who are effective at making a real difference in the lives of White people.

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Quiet Awakening

State Sen. Mike Delph introduces an Arizona-style immigration law in Indiana which gets a hearing on Wednesday


The “Quiet Awakening” continues to gather steam.

While the attention of the White Nationalist world remains fixated on the 2011 Amren conference and the Egyptian protests, the state legislatures are back in session. They are taking on immigration in unglamorous places like Lincoln, Nebraska and Jackson, Mississippi.

State legislators that White Nationalists have never heard of are pushing the envelope in all sorts of creative ways:

– In Minnesota and Wisconsin, there is a push for Voter ID legislation.

– In Arizona and Missouri, the attack on birthright citizenship has begun.

– In Mississippi and Georgia, there is a renewed push for Arizona-style immigration laws.

– In Nebraska, there is a repeal of the state version of the DREAM Act under consideration.

– In Montana, there is a bill that would deny worker’s compensation benefits to illegal aliens.

– In Texas, there is a push to ban the children of illegal aliens from public schools.

– In Oklahoma, there is a bill that would allow police to confiscate the property of illegal aliens.

Several states are combining these approaches. Three dozen restrictionist immigration laws have been introduced in the Texas state legislature alone this year.

In 2005, 300 immigration related bills were introduced in the state legislatures. In 2010, that number ballooned to 1,400 immigration related bills, 346 of which were adopted in the form of state laws and resolutions.

The controversy over Arizona’s SB 1070 that made national headlines was only the tip of the iceberg. The states have been quietly passing their own immigration laws for several years now.

Arizona passed its Voter ID law in 2004. Georgia passed a Voter ID law in 2005. South Carolina, Colorado, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Nebraska have passed similar unheralded state laws over the past five years.

This is a story that has been building for quite some time now. It started well before Barack Obama’s debut on the national stage.

This glacial shift toward a more restrictionist approach to immigration is also reflected in Congress where support for “comprehensive immigration reform” has declined significantly from its highwater mark in 2006.

Just last week, Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. David Vitter introduced birthright citizenship legislation in the Senate. Earlier this month, Rep. Steve King introduced the House version of the attack on birthright citizenship.

Hoosiers Erwache

The latest episode of the “Quiet Awakening” (the awakening of White America that White Nationalists haven’t noticed yet) is scheduled to take place in sleepy Indianapolis.

There will be a hearing on Wednesday on State Sen. Mike Delph’s restrictionist immigration reform package. It will take place in the trenches of the Indiana Senate’s “Pensions and Labor Committee.”

Delph’s “Senate Bill 590” includes an Arizona-style immigration law, a requirement for the Indiana OMB to estimate how much illegal immigration costs Indiana taxpayers, a request for reimbursement from the federal government for the costs of illegal immigration, a ban on state and local governments from using languages other than English, tougher penalties for employers of illegal aliens, and a requirement to use the E-Verify system.

This is a “comprehensive attack” on immigration, multiculturalism, and political correctness in Indiana.

For several years now, Sen. Mike Delph has been pushing for restrictionist immigration laws in the Indiana Senate. Each time his bills have passed the Indiana Senate only to stumble and die in the Democratic controlled Indiana House.

Republicans won control of the Indiana House in the midterm elections.

We have a far better shot at scoring some points in Indiana this year. There is a strong positive correlation between the weakness of the Democratic Party and the successful passage of restrictionist immigration laws.

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Amren 2011

Leftists are once again attempting to shutdown an Amren conference

North Carolina

There are conflicting reports that the 2011 Amren conference in Charlotte has been cancelled due to anti-racist pressure.

I got a phone call about this last night from a reliable source who said that some black city councilman got the hotel to cancel the reservation. There is nothing about a cancellation on the Amren website though.

Matt Parrott claims that Jared Taylor has personally assured him that the conference will go on as scheduled. Until I hear otherwise, I will take his word for it.

A few thoughts:

(1) This is exactly what happened last year.

The 2010 conference was cancelled. Then it was on again. It was cancelled again as I walked into the door of that Washington hotel. Then it was on again.

(2) Jeffrey Imm was the culprit last time around.

Last year, I personally confronted and denounced Imm in the streets of Washington on two separate occasions. It was a early lesson in the unwillingness of “rhetorical radicals” on the internet to stand up for their beliefs in public.

(3) At the last conference, there was a lot of talk about lawsuits.

What happened to the lawsuits against the hotels that cancelled the 2010 conference? I never heard anything further about the matter.

(4) The ability of our enemies to cancel our hotel reservations is a sad reflection of the hopeless disorganization that prevails in the White Nationalist movement.

The idea of a pro-White “Legal Defense Fund” has been floated for decades now. This is something that should have been acted on forty or fifty years ago.

(5) This is a natural consequence of “rejecting the system.”

We don’t have the political power to defend even our most basic civil liberties anymore. No one has any incentive to rush to our defense. By rejecting the system, we only reinforce the ability of these thugs to push us around.

(6) The vanguard has worked itself up into another frothing rage at Jared Taylor and Amren in the TOO comments.

There are idiots over there denouncing Jared Taylor as the enemy for not being anti-Jew enough for their tastes. This only reinforces my belief that these people are an embarrassment to White Nationalism.

(7) We need to seriously reflect upon why we lack the resources to defend ourselves.

Another year has gone by now that was largely wasted from an explicit standpoint. The focus on rhetorical radicalism and abstract ideas has come back to bite us in the ass once again.

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Victory in Mississippi

Mississippi passes Arizona-style immigration law


It is time to crack open the champagne.

The Mississippi House has approved the Arizona-style immigration law. This is the same bill that passed the Mississippi Senate earlier this month. The final vote was 77 to 40.

There are a few important changes from the Senate version: the House bill is tougher on businesses that employ illegal aliens and strips out the language which allows citizens to sue public officials for lack of enforcement. This only shifts the burden from local first responders to employers.

The essence of the law remains the same.

The bill is now headed to the reconciliation process and then to Gov. Haley Barbour for his signature. Boss Hogg is on record saying that he will sign it into law. Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, who is running for Governor of Mississippi, has been an outspoken support of Arizona-style immigration reform.


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