Quiet Awakening

State Sen. Mike Delph introduces an Arizona-style immigration law in Indiana which gets a hearing on Wednesday


The “Quiet Awakening” continues to gather steam.

While the attention of the White Nationalist world remains fixated on the 2011 Amren conference and the Egyptian protests, the state legislatures are back in session. They are taking on immigration in unglamorous places like Lincoln, Nebraska and Jackson, Mississippi.

State legislators that White Nationalists have never heard of are pushing the envelope in all sorts of creative ways:

– In Minnesota and Wisconsin, there is a push for Voter ID legislation.

– In Arizona and Missouri, the attack on birthright citizenship has begun.

– In Mississippi and Georgia, there is a renewed push for Arizona-style immigration laws.

– In Nebraska, there is a repeal of the state version of the DREAM Act under consideration.

– In Montana, there is a bill that would deny worker’s compensation benefits to illegal aliens.

– In Texas, there is a push to ban the children of illegal aliens from public schools.

– In Oklahoma, there is a bill that would allow police to confiscate the property of illegal aliens.

Several states are combining these approaches. Three dozen restrictionist immigration laws have been introduced in the Texas state legislature alone this year.

In 2005, 300 immigration related bills were introduced in the state legislatures. In 2010, that number ballooned to 1,400 immigration related bills, 346 of which were adopted in the form of state laws and resolutions.

The controversy over Arizona’s SB 1070 that made national headlines was only the tip of the iceberg. The states have been quietly passing their own immigration laws for several years now.

Arizona passed its Voter ID law in 2004. Georgia passed a Voter ID law in 2005. South Carolina, Colorado, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Nebraska have passed similar unheralded state laws over the past five years.

This is a story that has been building for quite some time now. It started well before Barack Obama’s debut on the national stage.

This glacial shift toward a more restrictionist approach to immigration is also reflected in Congress where support for “comprehensive immigration reform” has declined significantly from its highwater mark in 2006.

Just last week, Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. David Vitter introduced birthright citizenship legislation in the Senate. Earlier this month, Rep. Steve King introduced the House version of the attack on birthright citizenship.

Hoosiers Erwache

The latest episode of the “Quiet Awakening” (the awakening of White America that White Nationalists haven’t noticed yet) is scheduled to take place in sleepy Indianapolis.

There will be a hearing on Wednesday on State Sen. Mike Delph’s restrictionist immigration reform package. It will take place in the trenches of the Indiana Senate’s “Pensions and Labor Committee.”

Delph’s “Senate Bill 590” includes an Arizona-style immigration law, a requirement for the Indiana OMB to estimate how much illegal immigration costs Indiana taxpayers, a request for reimbursement from the federal government for the costs of illegal immigration, a ban on state and local governments from using languages other than English, tougher penalties for employers of illegal aliens, and a requirement to use the E-Verify system.

This is a “comprehensive attack” on immigration, multiculturalism, and political correctness in Indiana.

For several years now, Sen. Mike Delph has been pushing for restrictionist immigration laws in the Indiana Senate. Each time his bills have passed the Indiana Senate only to stumble and die in the Democratic controlled Indiana House.

Republicans won control of the Indiana House in the midterm elections.

We have a far better shot at scoring some points in Indiana this year. There is a strong positive correlation between the weakness of the Democratic Party and the successful passage of restrictionist immigration laws.


I know we have some readers in Indiana.

In the wake of the Wyoming defeat, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for our Hoosier readers to put some pressure on the members of the Pensions and Labor Committee.

I would also strongly advise you to consider showing up there in person to “show the flag.” I will be making an appearance in Montgomery when the Alabama state legislature holds its own immigration hearings.

Here are the Indiana committee members you need to contact:

Sen. Phil Boots (R)
Sen. Brent Waltz (R)
Sen. James Buck (R)
Sen. Dennis Kruse (R)
Sen. Scott Schneider (R)
Sen. Greg Walker (R)
Sen. Michael Young (R)
Sen. Karen Tallian (D)
Sen. Jim Arnold (D)
Sen. Timothy Skinner (D)

This is the least we can do.

Final Thought

A big victory in Indiana next week would be a tremendous boost to our cause. It would give us momentum coming off our recent victories in Texas, South Carolina, and Mississippi.

We can play a small role in accomplishing something of tangible value for White people. This is an opportunity to show White America the new face of White Advocacy.

The White Nationalist movement is splitting in two: there is an explicit movement which remains bottled up on the internet and mired in its perennial obsessions. At the same time, there is a new implicit movement which is snowballing through the state legislatures in the Red States and scoring decisive victories over our enemies.

It looks more like Mike Delph than Alex Linder. It sounds more like Rush Limbaugh than Savitri Devi.

The inability of the White Nationalist movement to communicate with its target audience has led to a situation where the “lemmings” are creating a pro-White movement in their own image. The expansion of this implicit movement and the stagnation of the explicit movement is shaping up to be the major dynamic of the next ten years.
Editor’s Note: I can’t help but observe that the “worthless conservatives” like Mike Delph and Steve King are carrying all the water on immigration while Alex Linder and the vanguard are engaged in much more productive lines of analysis like attacking Jared Taylor, advocating the destruction of Christianity, and discussing the philosophical finepoints of sociopathy as a new moral paradigm.

I advance it as a suspicion only that the major reason we seeing a whole new pro-White movement emerge in America is that ordinary people are repulsed by the defectives who are omnipresent in the existing one.

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