Amren 2011

Leftists are once again attempting to shutdown an Amren conference

North Carolina

There are conflicting reports that the 2011 Amren conference in Charlotte has been cancelled due to anti-racist pressure.

I got a phone call about this last night from a reliable source who said that some black city councilman got the hotel to cancel the reservation. There is nothing about a cancellation on the Amren website though.

Matt Parrott claims that Jared Taylor has personally assured him that the conference will go on as scheduled. Until I hear otherwise, I will take his word for it.

A few thoughts:

(1) This is exactly what happened last year.

The 2010 conference was cancelled. Then it was on again. It was cancelled again as I walked into the door of that Washington hotel. Then it was on again.

(2) Jeffrey Imm was the culprit last time around.

Last year, I personally confronted and denounced Imm in the streets of Washington on two separate occasions. It was a early lesson in the unwillingness of “rhetorical radicals” on the internet to stand up for their beliefs in public.

(3) At the last conference, there was a lot of talk about lawsuits.

What happened to the lawsuits against the hotels that cancelled the 2010 conference? I never heard anything further about the matter.

(4) The ability of our enemies to cancel our hotel reservations is a sad reflection of the hopeless disorganization that prevails in the White Nationalist movement.

The idea of a pro-White “Legal Defense Fund” has been floated for decades now. This is something that should have been acted on forty or fifty years ago.

(5) This is a natural consequence of “rejecting the system.”

We don’t have the political power to defend even our most basic civil liberties anymore. No one has any incentive to rush to our defense. By rejecting the system, we only reinforce the ability of these thugs to push us around.

(6) The vanguard has worked itself up into another frothing rage at Jared Taylor and Amren in the TOO comments.

There are idiots over there denouncing Jared Taylor as the enemy for not being anti-Jew enough for their tastes. This only reinforces my belief that these people are an embarrassment to White Nationalism.

(7) We need to seriously reflect upon why we lack the resources to defend ourselves.

Another year has gone by now that was largely wasted from an explicit standpoint. The focus on rhetorical radicalism and abstract ideas has come back to bite us in the ass once again.

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