Brown Herring: The J.T. Ready Saga Continues

Stormtrooper J.T. Ready resurfaces in the Arizona immigration debate just in time for the birthright citizenship wars


Last July, James Ryan (no relation to Jack Ryan) wrote a story in VDARE about the mainstream media’s attempt to smear restrictionists in Arizona through guilt by association with J.T. Ready and the NSM.

In Phoenix Farce, I wrote about the latest NSM police rally in Arizona that turned out the usual cast of anarchists and costume clowns while failing to attract the support of ordinary White people in the Phoenix area. It was becoming clear at the time that the counterproductive tactics of the vanguard were hampering our ability to get remedial legislation passed.

This sparked a furious discussion in the comments. Greg Johnson and others came over here to say that “shutting up” and “blending in” was a “path to oblivion, not progress.”

This evening brings news of a follow up story.

An “anonymous source” has given Imagine2050 and militant anti-racist Steve Lemons of the Phoenix News Times “(wonder who that could be?) “exclusive footage” of Arizona State Sen. Russell Pearce endorsing J.T. Ready for Mesa City Council in 2006.

It seems that Stormtrooper J.T. Ready sat down with Lemons or the “Human League” to tell “his side of the story” about his relationship with Russell Pearce. He is mad with Russell Pearce for disapproving of the NSM’s Phoenix Farce rally last November.

If the name Russell Pearce rings a bell, it is because as Senate Majority Leader he is leading the fight in Arizona to outlaw birthright citizenship.

Pearce was in Washington before the Giffords shooting to announce the news at the National Press Club of a coordinated attack on birthright citizenship in fourteen states.

Way to go, NSM.

That’s just what we needed right now.

Editor’s Note: I have a lot of good news to report. Look for a more uplifting post tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, Arizonans are preoccupied with the Giffords shooting and this latest attack will fall on deaf ears.

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