Chris Matthews: White People Are Crackers

Racial slurs against White people gives Hardball host Chris Matthews a new thrill up his leg

District of Corruption

You got to love Chris Matthews.

This guy is one of those self righteous hypocrites who would have a heart attack if the word “nigger” was uttered in his presence, but doesn’t hesitate to casually throw out a “cracker” on live national television.

Maybe it gave him a thrill up his leg?

Racial slurs are only counted as “offensive” in our society when they are used against “people of color” or the “protected classes” or whatever they are calling themselves now. You can use racial slurs like “cracker” and “redneck” all you want in the media. This is one of the most poignant reminders of the anti-White racial double standards we live under.

I have likened it in the past to an inverted Jim Crow system where Whites who act too “uppity” (who refuse to acknowledge their place at the bottom of the social hierarchy) are bullied and cowed into submission with abusive shaming language and employment discrimination.

The problem for progressives is not the “rightwing noise machine.” It is that ordinary White people are exposed to the liberal bias of these liars and hypocrites on a daily basis and are sick of tired of hearing from them.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the SPLC, Newsweek, or Media Matters to condemn the “racism” of Chris Matthews here. We all know that isn’t going to happen.

Chris Matthews and MSNBC have spent an entire week now trying to portray a pot smoking nihilist and flag burning anarchist who took pictures of himself posing in front of a mirror in a red g-string as a disgruntled Tea Party activist inspired by the crosshairs on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page.

The mainstream media is not only worthless from a journalistic standpoint. It deliberately lies to you.

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2 Responses to Chris Matthews: White People Are Crackers

  1. redrockraven says:

    The writer needs to get his head out of his arrs.

  2. mike says:

    I don’t consider myself racist,……But I’d Like to to see Cris Mathews, walk around Harlem, for an entire day,..ALL ALONE……And then I’d like to hear his commentary!
    Why is it so many Democarats and left wing’s Heirarchy are multi-millionares?…..Who do little to help the so-called minorites, ….Other than with their on camera rhetoric?
    I voted for Obama,….BUT WON”T next time!

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