Kentucky First

Kentucky Sen. John Schickel moves Arizona-style immigration reform through the Kentucky Senate


The news broke this evening that the Kentucky Senate has approved an Arizona-style immigration law. The bill was rammed through the Republican controlled State Senate in less than three days by Senate President David Williams.

David Williams is running for Governor of Kentucky in November. Kentucky is one of the few states (Virginia, Louisiana, New Jersey, and Mississippi) that will be holding statewide elections this year.

The final vote in the Kentucky Senate was 24 to 14.

Republicans supported the Arizona-style immigration law. A single Democrat in the Kentucky Senate supported it. The rest of the Democratic caucus voted against the bill which they labeled “a 12th century bill of rights.”

The fate of the bill now rests with the Democratic controlled Kentucky House. It also has to get the signature of Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear to become law.

If you live in Kentucky, please contact your state representatives and urge them to vote for this bill. Let them know you will remember who stood with us and who stood against us in November.

Sen. Mitch McConnell and the Republican Caucus in the House of Representatives opposed the DREAM Act amnesty. Don’t forget that Democrat John Yarmuth of Louisville supported the DREAM Act.

The Democratic Party in Kentucky is the sole force standing between us and restrictionist immigration reform. If we are to make progress in Bluegrass Country, it must be crippled like its counterpart in Kansas and Georgia.

Punish our enemies. Reward our friends. Create an incentive for Kentucky politicians to seek our support and our marginalization there will end.

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