Yggdrasil Wins

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I think we can decline a winner in the Greg Johnson vs. Yggdrasil debate on Counter-Currents. The knockout punch was delivered earlier this afternoon.

The primary thrust of Greg Johnson’s attack on conservatives was against Yggdrasil and TOQ. The accusation was that Yggdrasil was a conservative sellout who was leading White Nationalists down a misguided path of trying to influence mainstream Republicans.

I would like to quote from that article:

“But when it comes to the political system, Gardner is still very much a conservative, a Republican even. He thinks that White Nationalists—a tiny, voiceless, despised, poorly funded, and poorly led movement—should aim at lobbying and “conditioning” Republicans to represent white interests. Gardner actually thinks that whites can vote and lobby and game ourselves out of this mess, as if our people have not been slated for slow and systematic genocide but are merely having a run of bad luck at the polls.”

Yggdrasil is “a conservative, a Republican even.”

It appears that Greg Johnson didn’t even bother to check out what conservative Republicans will be doing in the upcoming session of the Texas state legislature in Austin.

Here are some bills to watch in the upcoming session:

House Bill 17 (Riddle): Arizona Style/Police Checks — Allows police to check the immigration status of residents based on “reasonable suspicion” and arrest those who are illegal for violating criminal trespassing laws.

Senate Bill 126 (Patrick): Arizona Style/Police Checks — Companion bill to HB 17 that gives arresting officers immunity from any resulting discrimination-based lawsuits.

HB 22 (Riddle): Arizona Style — Requires public schools to determine the citizenship and immigration status of each student when that child enrolls in the school.

HB 177 (Jackson): Drivers Licenses — Requires proof of citizenship in order to get any occupational license, driver’s license, or official Texas ID.

HB 16 (Riddle): Voter ID — Would require voters to present photo identification or two forms of non-photo identification before they are allowed to cast ballots.

HB 197 (Solomons): Business Sanctions — Requires proof of citizenship to work in Texas and makes it a Class A misdemeanor to hire illegal immigrants.

SB 84 (Nelson): E-Verify — Requires Texas businesses to verify immigration status of potential hires.

House Joint Resolution 38 (Berman): English Only — A constitutional amendment to establish English as the official language of Texas and require that official acts of government be performed in English.

HB 81 (Flynn): English Only — Prohibits state agencies from using any public money to print non-English documents or signs.


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