Why Vanguardists Never Win

Welcome to the Island of Greg Johnson

The Vanguard

I noticed this afternoon that Greg Johnson is going to force me to break my New Year’s Resolution.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a popular article called Why Vanguardists Can’t Win. It was a source of much discussion across the internet. I had intended that article to be a parting shot.

In 2011, I planned to move forward with my Hard Right project. I have grown tired of wasting so much of my time and energy arguing with all the broken alienated characters (many of whom are estranged from their own family members) that comprise the so-called vanguard. There comes a point where responding to kooks begins to lose its entertainment value.

I’m still planning to move in this new direction.

I want to build a new pro-White tribe: one that is realistic, relentlessly practical, optimistic, positive, flexible, sympathetic to ordinary people, not alienated, open to reform, sets tractable goals, engages the system, reaches out, triangulates, bites modestly, focuses on effective metapolitics, believes that better is better, and seeks to mainstream our ideas, increase and exploit racial polarization, build bridges, move the goal posts, attack the margins, connect with a mass constituency and work with conservatives to find common ground on issues like immigration and multiculturalism.

I was content to let this silent critique of the White Nationalist movement speak for itself. The contrast between what we are doing and they are doing would eventually send its own message. As we score points with our hard work and they continue to subsist off the charity of strangers, the appropriate comparisons will be drawn.

But perhaps I should make explicit what is always implied in my writing?

I am emphatically rejecting a peculiar species of White Nationalism that is: elitist, rigid, kooky, impractical, unrealistic, ineffective, hopelessly alienated, condescending toward ordinary people, hostile to religion, patriotism, and traditional values, pessimistic, negative, addicted to wild utopian fantasies, escapism, and sterile navel gazing, refuses to participate in the political process, bent on erecting unnecessary barriers to communication, pushes away the masses as a matter of principle, makes the perfect the enemy of the good, substitutes a fake rhetorical radicalism for real substantial victories, sets unrealistic goals, believes in burning bridges and blazing a trail to the fringe, settles for nothing less than instant transformative revolutionary change, believes that worse is better, empowering our enemies is a good thing, and yearns for the destruction of our civilization and ruining the lives of millions of White people while insulting and alienating people we can work with on immigration and other important issues.

I am referring of course to the vanguard.

The term “vanguard” comes from “advance guard.” It stems from the root French word “avant-garde.”

The “avant-garde” was a well known nineteenth and twentieth century social movement and counterculture of hyper alienated French and Jewish intellectuals and artists.

Vanguardism has always been about shocking the bourgeoisie, tearing down traditional mores, nihilism and destruction, expressing one’s own radical sense of alienation from mainstream society. It is not a political project in any true sense of the word.

The idea that vanguardists are going to create a White ethnostate is laughable. It only takes a moment’s reflection to discern how flat out uninterested the vanguardists are in the nuts and bolts of political power in North America.

Have they ever written about the subject? When the climatic battle over the DREAM Act amnesty was going on, could they be found anywhere on the battlefield?

Holding My Tongue

I’ve been holding my tongue for several weeks now. I have tried to focus on more productive lines of analysis. It has not been for lack of opportunities. Greg Johnson and Counter-Currents have provided ample fodder for commentary.

Let’s review:

(1) In the ironically named post “Taking Action,” Michael Polignano (or Johnson writing under his name) proudly announces the creation of “The Vanguard” membership group, which you can join with a one time cash donation of $120.

There is a limit of 200 members, so don’t delay. That rounds out to $24,000 dollars. In exchange for joining this “Vanguard,” you get “special rewards down the road that are only available” to sustaining members and a hardcover edition of North American New Right.

The only action being taken here is Greg Johnson paying himself a salary to do absolutely nothing about our problems. This type of shameless fundraising (you are “heroic” to support me) is why I chose to abandon the idea of financing this website through movement donations altogether.

(2) In his latest comment, Greg Johnson says he is focused on “community building.” Now one might ask the obvious question here: why do you have to build a community from scratch?

The answer is that Greg Johnson sees himself as a Jim Jones-style guru figure trying to build a People’s Temple in San Francisco out of alienated vanguardists.

The need to “build community” would never occur to anyone around here because their lives, savings, hopes, dreams, and genes are invested in real communities that have existed for generations. Some abstraction can never compete with their hometown.

Ordinary people like their neighbors. They have a strong sense of place. They have an active social life in their communities. Many are leaders in their communities.

In contrast, vanguardists like Greg Johnson and Harold Covington turn their backs on their real families, real communities, and real homes and are eager to gin up a cult substitute among likeminded alienated intellectuals.

After more than twenty years of talking about “community building,” no such “community” of alienated vanguardists exists anywhere in America. That is the inevitable logical consequence of being an impractical fantasist.

(3) Lately, Johnson has been recycling material from D.H. Lawrence, no doubt to express his own sense of alienation and feeling of superiority over ordinary White people, who are always ridiculed as “lemmings” by the vanguard.

It has gotten to the point where vanguardists can’t even spam an article without doing something counterproductive to the White Nationalist cause.

(4) Counter-Currents has lately ventured into the realm of foreign policy to align White Nationalists with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Iran and Kim Jong Il’s North Korea. The objective here seems to scare away as many people as possible who might be sympathetic to our ideas.

(5) Out in San Francisco, Greg Johnson recently attended an event with Christian Lander of Stuff White People Like and got a personal autographed copy of his book. He then proceeded to compute and proudly announce his SWPL quotient: 122/150 and 41/92.

In the comments of his article at The Occidental Observer, he chortled that SWPLs would survive “the collapse” of the system and live off the Americans in the countryside like the Soviets did with the Ukrainians in the 1930s.

(6) Johnson has been hammering away at the “racially conscious left” theme lately. We are told it was here in San Francisco that “Michael O’Meara was born in 1946 and began his intellectual odyssey from Marxist and revolutionary syndicalist to White Nationalist and prophet of the White Republic.”

So what?

A real jackass might point out that San Francisco is represented by Nancy Pelosi in Congress and that every elected member of the House of Representatives from the Bay Area has a “D” or an “F-” from NumbersUSA and voted for the DREAM Act.

(7) My personal favorite though was F. Roger Devlin’s review of Guillaume Faye’s Archeofuturism. Apparently, Faye envisions a “Eurosiberian Federation” emerging from “the collapse” of the system.

In this fantasy world, the collapse of Western civilization leads to a new promethean elite aristocracy and post-egalitarian caste based society (the rest of us are to become serfs to the lords of the universe here) which will value “quality” over “quantity” and use its authoritarian powers to create “man-animal chimeras” and “decerebrated human clones.”

See, the last thing we need to do is “shut up” and “blend in” and adapt our message to “what plays in Peoria.” It is “too early” to elect “system politicians” of the type that will vote against destructive legislation like against the DREAM Act.

Instead, the rare “wide awake” White Nationalists must hold their ground on “man-animal chimeras” – it is like Greg Johnson and Guillaume Faye watched the film adaptation of H.G. Well’s horrific dystopian science fiction novel The Island of Dr. Moreau, slapped themselves on the hip, and thought out loud, what a great idea, that ought to be in our party platform!

I clicked on the Guillaume Faye tag at Counter-Currents and it led a whole series of fantasist articles about the topic. Eurosiberia now becomes a whole Arctic Septentrion – the “spiritual center” of the White race – centered on France after global warming melts the polar ice caps.

“Septentrion will be the end of the American Dream, the return of the prodigal son to the European parental bosom.”

In this vision of the future, which predictably requires vanguardists to do nothing, America joins the Eurosibieran Arctic Septentrion minus a few Southern states which are ceded to non-Whites.

(8) It was already becoming clear in July that the “ideas” that Greg Johnson was promoting at Counter-Currents were weird and harmful to our cause.

Let it be noted, I pointed this out at the time, at some expense to myself. If this was the “metapolitical struggle” to save the White race in North America, I thought we ought to just go ahead and throw in the towel right then and there.

I was widely criticized for being “anti-intellectual” around the blogosphere. The material that has been posted since that time has shown in spades just how prescient and on target my criticism was about the direction of that particular website.

In that article, Johnson described his eugenicist fantasies of creating “a god-like race” through genetic engineering “to give meaning” to “this meaningless universe.” He was seriously talking up an aristocracy of kooks manipulating our genome to transform White people into macrocephalic aliens from Star Trek and elves from Lord of the Rings.

He thought we needed “ideas” like that to “vitalize” a “decadent” White Nationalist movement. We needed to be more “progressive” and leftwing like a Star Trek convention.

(8) Greg Johnson’s alienation has reached a comical level these last two months: posting material from the Unabomber, taking repeated shots at Christianity, comparing himself to Jesus, imagining himself as a secret agent like James Bond 007, diving head first into the “New Age” movement, defending Satanism, attacking Republicans for their victories in the midterm elections, which later proved instrumental in defeating the DREAM Act in December.

From a kook aristocracy using eugenics to create “a god-like race” of macrocephalic aliens to “man-animal chimeras” in the Eurosiberian Arctic Septentrion in six months, I can only scratch my head and wonder where Greg Johnson is headed with this “image of a perfected society” next year.

What next?

Did Hitler escape to Mars on a flying saucer?

Join or Die

This post is a response to Greg Johnson’s article “Conservatives STILL Can’t Win.” It is nothing more than a rehash of all the usual vanguardist stereotypes which have been “common knowledge” in the White Nationalist movement for decades.

Conservatives are always playing defense (except on, say, Arizona-style immigration laws and affirmative action).

They are graceful losers and compromisers (except on, say, holding the line on the DREAM Act).

They are incapable of learning from their defeats (except on, say, reversing their former pro-amnesty position).

They are not even trying to fight back (except on, say, using a record number of filibusters in the Senate to defeat amnesty three times this year).

They don’t have a vision (except, say, the hundreds of thousands of people who participated in the Tea Party rallies).

They are backward looking and don’t share all of our goals (at least they hold the Founder’s America in high esteem).

These are some pretty serious charges.

Seeing how Greg Johnson has invited such an unfavorable comparison between conservatives and the vanguard, I will stop what I am doing for the moment and oblige him this one last time.

I will do it for no other reason than to relish the opportunity of expose the ignorance and stupidity of Johnson and his likeminded brethren.


In Alaska, Joe Miller (a NumbersUSA “true reformer” candidate) knocked off Lisa Murkowski (who later voted for the DREAM Act) in the Republican Senate primary with the assistance of the Tea Party.

Sarah Palin, a widely loathed figure among in vanguardist circles, threw her reputation and money behind Joe Miller’s insurgent campaign. She also lent assistance to other friends of the restrictionist cause like Tom Tancredo in Colorado and Sharron Angle in Nevada.

Miller ultimately lost the election. The important lesson to be learned here is that grassroots conservatives put up a huge fight against Murkowski and this had the effect of cowing other Republican Senators like Graham and Hatch into voting against the DREAM Act.

In the House, Don Young, Alaska’s lone congressman, voted against the DREAM Act.


In Hawaii, conservatives withheld their support from Charles Djou, a pro-amnesty Asian Republican who voted for the DREAM Act, and expedited his defeat in the midterm elections.


In Washington, Republicans Doc Hastings (Washington 4) and Dave Reichert (Washington 8) voted against the DREAM Act in the House. Dino Rossi narrowly lost his Senate race against Patty Murray who voted for the DREAM Act.

As it happens, conservatives succeeded in banning affirmative action in Washington through the initiative process in 1998. The Washington Supreme Court has upheld the ban which became a model for successful initiatives in other states.

Harold Covington and The Northwest Front (who are hiding out in a bunker in the Pacific Northwest) were nowhere to be found in grassroots resistance to the DREAM Act in Washington state.


Greg Walden, Oregon’s lone Republican congressman (Oregon 2), voted against the DREAM Act.


In California, we had a perfect showing in the House among the Republican caucus, 15 of whom voted against the DREAM Act and none in favor of it. Some of the leading restrictionists in America like Duncan Hunter (California 46), Brian Bilbray (California 50), and Dana Rohrabacher (California 52) are from Southern California.

In the 1990s, conservatives passed Prop 187 and Gov. Pete Wilson defended it in federal court. Tom McClintock, a supporter of Arizona’s SB 1070, could have become Governor of California in the Davis recall election

At the moment, the Tea Party is trying to go through the initiative process in California to get an Arizona-style immigration law on the 2012 ballot. Conservatives succeeded in banning affirmative action in California in 1996.

There is plenty of support for our ideas among conservatives in the Golden State. I have seen nothing but implacable hostility from the “progressives” in the Bay Area.

In the midterm elections, Carly Fiorina attempted to take down Barbara Boxer, but lost her race. The Fiorina campaign was another example of conservatives putting up a fight against the odds.

The only “resistance” worthy of the name in California comes from conservative quarters.


I have already written a post about Idaho. The conservatives who live there like Mike Jorgenson have repeatedly tried to push a crackdown on immigration through the Idaho state legislature. They will be taking another crack at Arizona-style immigration reform next year.

In the midterm elections, Idahoans threw out Walter Minnick who voted for the DREAM Act. A few years ago, they threw out Senator Larry Craig who was the major champion of the AgJobs amnesty bill.

Senators Risch and Crapo voted against the DREAM Act. Rep. Mike Simpson also voted against the DREAM Act in the House.


In Nevada, the Tea Party made a major push to defeat Senate Majority Harry Reid in the midterm elections. Sharron Angle, who lost the election, was a NumbersUSA true reformer candidate.

Senator Ensign voted against the DREAM Act which Harry Reid brought to the floor of the Senate three times this year. Rep. Dean Heller also voted against the DREAM Act in the House.

Conservatives in the Nevada state legislature will be attempting to advance E-Verify and an Arizona-style immigration law in 2011.


In Utah, the Tea Party succeeded in defeating Senator Robert Bennett, a DREAM Act supporter, and replacing him with the restrictionist Mike Lee. They also succeeded in intimidating Senator Hatch, a former DREAM Act sponsor, into voting against his own bill.

Utahns ousted the pro-amnesty RINO Chris Cannon from the House. They replaced him with the restrictionist Jason Chaffetz who voted against the DREAM Act. Rep. Ron Bishop also voted against the DREAM Act in the House.

Back in October, I wrote a post about how Rep. Stephen Sandstrom is leading the fight for the Arizona-style immigration law in Utah. I expect to return to Utah in January.


Arizona is without parallel among the states in the success that conservative restrictionists are enjoying there. They banned ethnic studies and affirmative action this year. They criminalized the presence of illegal aliens with SB 1070. They cracked down on employers of illegals in 2007 and are set to move forward on birthright citizenship in 2011.

Jan Brewer is defending SB 1070 all the way to the Supreme Court. Conservatives succeeded in forcing John McCain and Jon Kyl to vote against the DREAM Act. They picked up two House seats from Democrats in the midterm elections.

All three Republicans from Arizona (Flake, Franks, Shadegg) voted against the DREAM Act in the House. Arizona will soon be creating a new House seat for another conservative restrictionist like J.D. Hayworth or Randy Graf to occupy.

New Mexico

In New Mexico, a majority of the population supports Arizona’s SB 1070, and the new Republican governor there supports restrictionist immigration reform like denying driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

Conservatives succeeded in knocking off Harry Teague (New Mexico 2) in the midterms who voted for the DREAM Act.


Coloradans threw out John Salazar and Betsy Markey who voted for the DREAM Act. Tom Tancredo has done more than almost anyone in America to raise awareness about the problems of multiculturalism and illegal immigration.

Tancredo and Ken Buck lost their races in Colorado. It is a shame because Senator Bennet later voted for the DREAM Act and there was a huge contrast between Tancredo and Hickenlooper.

We had a perfect showing from Reps. Doug Lamborn and Mike Coffman in the House on the DREAM Act. Republicans in the Colorado state legislature are moving forward with their own version of Arizona-style immigration reform.

Colorado passed its own crackdown on illegal immigration a few years ago.


We had a perfect showing in White Zion on the DREAM Act from Senators Barrasso and Enzi and Rep. Lummis in the House.


Thanks to the conservative demographics of Montana, Democratic Senators Jon Tester and Max Baucus provided pivotal swing votes in the defeat of the DREAM Act. Rep. Rehberg in the House also voted no on the DREAM Act.

North Dakota

In the midterm elections, conservatives in North Dakota threw out Rep. Earl Pomeroy and Senator Byron Dorgan who voted for the DREAM Act.

South Dakota

Senator John Thune voted against the DREAM Act. In the midterm elections, conservatives in South Dakota threw out Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin who voted for DREAM in the House.

I also know that Republican state legislators in South Dakota are working on their own version of the Arizona-style immigration law.


Nebraska stood like a stonewall on the DREAM Act. Both Senators and all three Republican Congressmen in the House voted against the DREAM Act.

The city of Fremont recently passed its own anti-illegal alien ordinance which the ACLU is tying up in court. Nebraska is moving forward with Arizona-style immigration reform in 2011.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the conservatives in Nebraska who lit a fire underneath Senator Ben Nelson, a Democrat, who could have swung the wrong way on the DREAM Act vote.


In Kansas, arch-restrictionist Kris Kobach was elected Secretary of State, who is the force behind a number of great restrictionist lawsuits in Nebraska and California.

Kansans sent restrictionist Jerry Moran to the Senate this year to replace RINO Sam Brownback in Washington. All three Republicans from Kansas in the House voted against the DREAM Act. Both Republican Senators voted against it too.


Oklahoma is one of the most radical states on immigration and has passed a number of restrictionist laws in recent years. Both Republican Senators and every congressman from Oklahoma voted against the DREAM Act.

Oklahoma is moving forward on an “Arizona-plus” law in 2011, the most radical in the country, which will allow the police to start seizing the property of illegal aliens.


Every Republican in the House from Texas who voted on the DREAM Act chose to vote against it. Senators Cornyn and Hutchinson voted against the DREAM Act.

In November, I wrote an article about a Texas state legislator who camped out at the state capitol in Austin for 36 hours to file an Arizona-style immigration law at the first minute to do so.

Heroes like Debbie Riddle are ridiculed by the vanguard. Now that Republicans have a supermajority in the Texas state legislature, restrictionists will be pushing for their entire wish list on immigration in the upcoming session.


We had a perfect showing in Minnesota on the DREAM Act in the House from Michelle Bachmann, Erik Paulsen, and John Kline. Republican state legislators in Minnesota are working on their own Arizona-style immigration law. Now that Republicans control the Minnesota state legislature, we have a good shot at getting restrictionist immigration reform passed in that state.


We had another perfect showing in Iowa on the DREAM Act among Republican Senators and Congressmen. Steve King of Iowa 5 will use his power as the incoming chairman of the House Immigration Subcommittee to kill all pro-amnesty bills for the next two years.

As I said last month, Iowa is moving forward with its own version of the Arizona-style immigration law.


We had yet another perfect showing in Mizzou in the House and Senate on the DREAM Act. Missouri sent Roy Blunt, a NumberUSA true reformer candidate, to the Senate to replace Kit Bond.

I can’t help but notice that Blaine Luetkemeyer in Missouri 9, the “worthless conservative” who represents Alex Linder in Kirksville, voted against the DREAM Act.

Conservatives are always more reliable on immigration than the vanguard.


In the midterm elections, conservatives sent restrictionist John Boozman to the Senate to replace Democrat Blanche Lincoln who voted for the DREAM Act amnesty. They forced Senator Mark Pryor to voted against the DREAM Act out of self preservation.

Boozman voted against the DREAM Act in the House and the Blue Dog Democrat Mike Ross also voted against it because of the sheer number of conservatives in his district.

Republican state legislators in Arkansas have their own version of SB 1070 in the works. I will be writing a post about Arkansas early next month.


In Louisiana, Senator David Vitter voted against the DREAM Act and helped lead the opposition against it. Every Republican in the House except Joseph Cao, who lost his seat in the general election, also voted against the DREAM Act.

I know there are a number of restrictionist bills circulating in the Louisiana state legislature. I will be taking a closer look at Louisiana in a few days.


In Wisconsin, conservatives succeeded in knocking off Russ Feingold and electing a Republican governor and state legislature that will likely pass an Arizona-style immigration law in 2011. Every Republican in the House from Wisconsin voted against the DREAM Act.


Illinois sent Mark Kirk to the Senate who provided a crucial vote against the DREAM Act. Jack Ryan worked the phones and made his own resources available for other White Nationalists to contact their Senators.

Every Republican in the House from Illinois and two Democrats from conservative leaning districts voted against the DREAM Act. Not a bad showing for the home of Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama.


Matt Parrott and Hoosier Nation protested the offices of Senator Dick Lugar. Let me tell you, those are some real worthless conservatives in action right there. Someone has to do the job vanguardists won’t do.

Conservatives forced Senator Evan Bayh into early retirement this year. In the House, Reps. Pence and Burton voted against the DREAM Act, as did three Democrats who represent conservative leaning districts in Indiana.

Indiana is working on its own version of the Arizona-style immigration law.


We had a flawless performance in Ohio on the DREAM Act. Every Republican in the House and Senate voted against it. Five Democrats from conservative leaning districts in Ohio voted against the DREAM Act. It won’t be long before I take a closer look at the Buckeye state.


A few years ago, conservatives succeeded in banned affirmative action in Michigan. Every Republican in the House from Michigan voted against the DREAM Act except Vernon Ehlers who was forced into retirement early this year.

I’m told Michigan is working on its own version of the Arizona-style immigration law. Now that Michigan has a Republican governor and state legislature, we have a good chance of getting something passed there.

The Attorney General of Michigan is leading the fight to defend Arizona in federal court.

West Virginia

Conservatives forced Senator Joe Manchin to sit out the DREAM Act and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell votes. Rep. Capito voted against the DREAM Act in the House.


We had another flawless performance on the DREAM Act in Kentucky. Senator Mitch McConnell and 4 House Republicans voted against the DREAM Act amnesty.

Kentucky is working on its own Arizona-style immigration law.


Tennessee is another state that already has restrictionist immigration laws. We had a solid performance there on the DREAM Act with all Republican Senators and Congressmen in the House voting against it.

Tennessee is working on its own Arizona-style immigration law.


I wrote a post about Mississippi yesterday. We had a solid performance there on the DREAM Act in the House and Senate. Mississippi already has E-Verify and will take a shot at the Arizona-style immigration law next year. It is widely expected to pass.


In Alabama, we destroyed the Democratic Party in the midterm elections. Senator Jeff Sessions has led the fight against every amnesty bill in the Senate for the past ten years. Senators Sessions and Shelby voted against the bill.

Every Republican in the House from Alabama voted against the DREAM Act and the Democrat Bobby Bright did as well. Alabama is moving forward with all sorts of restrictionist immigration bills in 2011.


In Georgia, Nathan Deal defeated King Roy Barnes to become the Southeast’s version of Jan Brewer in Arizona. The Democratic Party was crushed in Georgia in the midterm elections. It was defeated so decisively there that even black state lawmakers are jumping ship.

Both Senators and every Republican in the House from Georgia voted against the DREAM Act. Georgia is moving forward on every bill that restrictionists have on the table next year.


In Florida, conservatives ousted Gov. Charlie Crist and the Tea Party led a successful revolt against the GOP establishment in the Sunshine state.

Senate LeMieux and all House Republicans except for the Cubans in Miami voted against the DREAM Act. Florida elected the restrictionist Rick Scott as governor.

In 2011, Florida will pass its own version of SB 1070. I know the bill has already been filed. Florida is one of the first states I will be analyzing next year.

South Carolina

The conservatives in South Carolina ousted Bob Inglis from the House and twisted the arm of Lindsey Graham to the point where he voted against the DREAM Act. All the Republicans in the House and Senate except Inglis (who lost in the primary) voted against the DREAM Act.

South Carolina passed its own crackdown on illegal immigration in 2008. The Palmetto state is almost certain to pass another crackdown in 2011.

North Carolina

Conservatives in North Carolina forced Democrat Senator Kay Hagan to vote against the DREAM Act. Richard Burr also voted against it in the Senate. Every Republican and three Democrats in the House voted against the DREAM Act.


Turning to the Red Dominion, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli unilaterally gave Virginia state troopers the authority to enforce their own version of SB 1070. He also sued the Obama administration over Obamacare and won his lawsuit in federal court.

All the Republicans in the House from Virginia voted against the DREAM Act. Virginia already has its own version of the Arizona-style immigration law ready to go in 2011.


In Delaware, conservatives led by the Tea Party managed to rid themselves of Mike Castle, who voted for the DREAM Act in December. They tried to elect Christine O’Donnell to the Senate who would have likely voted against it.


Rep. Bartlett in Western Maryland, the only Republican in Maryland’s congressional delegation, voted against the DREAM Act. Conservatives also succeeded this year in knocking off Frank Kratovil in the midterm elections.


Pennsylvania had an outstanding showing this year. They threw Arlen Specter out of the Senate and sent Lou Barletta, the hero of Hazelton, to Congress. Every Republican and numerous Democrats in the House from Pennsylvania who represent conservative leaning districts voted against the DREAM Act.

New Jersey

The five Republicans from New Jersey in the House voted against the DREAM Act.

New York

The three Republicans from New York in the House voted against the DREAM Act. Rep. Peter King of Long Island is a well known restrictionist who will be the next chairman of the Homeland Security committee which has immigration oversight powers.


In Vermont, Rep. Peter Welch’s Republican challenger was a NumbersUSA true reformer candidate.

New Hampshire

Conservatives elected Kelly Ayotte to the Senate to replace Judd Gregg who sat out the cloture vote (an effective no vote) on the DREAM Act. They also elected numerous restrictionists in the New Hampshire state legislature.


To their credit, the Maine twins in the U.S. Senate, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, came through for restrictionists and almost singlehandedly saved America from the DREAM Act amnesty.

Even in New England, there are conservatives who can make a real difference on immigration.


In Massachusetts, Sen. Scott Brown, who took Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat in January in a special election, provided a decisive vote in the Senate which was the kiss of death to the DREAM Act.

The Republican and the Independent who unsuccessfully challenged Gov. Deval Patrick supported Arizona-style immigration reform in Massachusetts. Republican state legislators in the Massachusetts House and Senate have long been pushing restrictionist bills and have said they will continue to do so.

Rhode Island

There are conservative state legislators in Rhode Island, the most liberal state in America, who are right now working on their own version of the Arizona-style immigration law. The outgoing Republican Governor of Rhode Island signed an executive order that brought E-Verify to that state which Gov. Elect Chafee has promised to rescind.


Let it be said that conservatives in Connecticut at least tried to stop the Jew Richard Blumenthal from getting elected to the Senate. That is more than can be said for the vanguard.

Final Thoughts

In every state of the Union, and especially in the Red States, I managed to find something helpful, positive, and constructive that conservatives were doing in the real world for White people, whether it be knocking off a pro-amnesty Republican or Democrat, playing successful defense on the DREAM Act, taking out Jews in the Senate, or going on offense on issues like birthright citizenship, Arizona-style immigration laws, ethnic studies programs, and affirmative action programs.

Yggdrasil is absolutely right that White Nationalists can lean on state and local officials and be kingmakers in close races. We have the money and the votes to do that. Some of the races in the midterm elections went undecided for weeks because of the razor thin margin of victory. The 2000 presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore was decided by hanging chads in Florida.

His advice, which Greg Johnson ridicules, is both sound and practical. It is an idea that you run with and expand upon.

Can you identify a single thing that the poofter Greg Johnson has ever done for White people or one single accomplishment that can be credited to the so-called vanguard? I mean aside from sucking up the donations and making all of us in the pro-White movement look like kooks and idiots in public.

Conservatives have won some battles. They have lost some others ones. It can also be said in their favor that they have tried to rid themselves of obvious problems like John McCain, Robert Bennett, Chris Cannon, and Arlen Specter. There will only be count ’em FOUR returning Republicans in the House and Senate who voted for the DREAM Act in 2010.

In contrast, vanguardists never win.

They never learn anything from the flawless track record of defeat, irrelevance, and public rejection. They don’t even put up a fight. They just raise the white flag and surrender the castle to the enemy.

Harold Covington calls for the surrender of Europe and 47 American states. Greg Johnson yearns for the collapse of Western civilization itself.

In the alternative reality of the vanguard, we are supposed to be the worthless cowards (we who are the resistance in the real world) and they (who hide behind pseudonyms and do nothing but fantasize on the internet) are the cutting edge of the White resistance in North America!

How do you figure that? What measuring stick are these people using? I would certainly like to know.

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