Lamar Smith and Steve King will make a major push for E-Verify

District of Corruption

Merry Christmas, everyone. Now back to your seats.

It might be Christmas but that is no excuse for slacking and giving our enemies a day off. This isn’t the Great War. We are not fighting an opponent like the Germans who we can sing Christmas carols with in the trenches. This is a knife fight to the death with an army of ideological fanatics bent upon our racial destruction.

Here is your Christmas update. It comes from the central front in the war for White survival in North America: the immigration front on Capitol Hill.

The Propaganda War

Politico has a new headline article that screams, “Lamar Smith avoids hard line on immigration.” It is a good piece of enemy propaganda that attempts drive a wedge within the restrictionist coalition and twist the facts into something they are not.

After weeks of speculation that he would pursue a scorched-earth immigration agenda, Smith detailed his to-do list for the first time in an interview with POLITICO — and it’s an early but important signal that the new House Republican majority plans to attack the issue of immigration through the prism of jobs, rather than red meat for the base.

Now, this sounds like a cause for concern. Are the Republicans already backing off their campaign promises before they even retake the House in January? If so, this is something we should be worried about, especially the most vigilant among us.

It turns out that Smith and King will only be attacking Democrats in the most effective way: the battle plan is to go for the low hanging fruit like E-Verify first, which is being held hostage to comprehensive amnesty, before moving on to the tougher battles over birthright citizenship and legal immigration. They will also be framing immigration as a jobs issue in a time of high unemployment.

I think this is the right strategy. That’s what I would do.

It makes sense to move E-Verify through the House as a stand alone bill, the most popular restrictionist agenda item, and force Democrats to vote against a key enforcement provision of their own comprehensive amnesty plan. This will expose the fraud behind their purely rhetorical commitment to enforcement, undermine their credibility, and prepare the electoral battlefield for advancing forward on the other issues after 2012.

Those who follow the immigration wars closely know the score. Even if a ban on birthright citizenship and a cut of legal immigration were to pass the House (this is possible given our numbers in the lower chamber), it would never get through the Senate under Harry Reid, much less Barack Hussein Obama who all but said the other day he would veto both bills.

The most we can hope for right now is a symbolic victory in the House over birthright citizenship and legal immigration that will boost our confidence and put the enemy on the ropes. E-Verify is one of the only restrictionist items that has a chance of making it through the next Congress and past a triangulating President Hussein’s veto pen.


I would really be concerned if Smith and King were pushing for a comprehensive restrictionist package deal that would solve all our problems on immigration in a single stroke. It would be an attractive piece of legislation, a hunk of red meat for the base, consciously designed and set up to fail in a show vote in Congress.

The fact that they are going to move forward on a separate E-Verify bill dressed up as a jobs issue is another line of evidence that supports their sincere commitment to the restrictionist cause.

At the moment, six states require employers to use the E-Verify system (Rhode Island, South Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Mississippi, and Colorado). Illinois attempted to ban E-Verify, but DHS under the Bush administration sued under the supremacy clause and succeeded in blocking the law in court. As I noted last month, Governor Elect Chafee in Rhode Island has vowed to repeal Governor Carcieri’s executive order mandating E-Verify.

The passage of a new federal law would force E-Verify on all the Blue State citadels like Vermont and nullify Chafee’s victory in Rhode Island. It would make life dramatically more difficult for illegal aliens trying to find employment in the United States. We could always use another victory to further demoralize the opposition and depress Hispanic turnout in 2012.

It goes without saying that we need a big victory at the federal level. All our recent victories have been at the state and local level. E-Verify is hardly an ideal victory, but it is the best shot we have in the next Congress, and we should take whatever we can get.

Watch this video:

Feeling motivated?

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