Requiem for a Dream

NY Times: Obama should gut the Border Patrol

New York

Over the course of the past year, I have developed an intense dislike of “progressives.”

Barack Obama and the Democrats are so awful that they have succeeded in accomplishing what was unthinkable a mere two years ago: they have made the conservatives look somewhat reasonable in comparison.

Millions of White Americans who passionately despised George W. Bush can vote for the “Party of No” with a clear conscience. As long as the Republicans keep being the “Party of No” when it comes to the progressive agenda on things like the DREAM Act and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, I suspect their electoral fortunes will continue to improve.

If you can stomach it, read the latest editorial in The New York Times on the “DREAM Act.” The authoritative voice of Blue America recommends:

(1) Curbing the Department of Homeland Security. In other words, since the Obama administration didn’t get the quid pro quo they wanted for stepping up enforcement, they should abandon even the pretense of caring about border security.

In their words, DHS is “deporting at a record pace many of the very people he says deserve a chance to stay.” The “Secure Communities” program must be reformed to prevent every police department in the country from becoming an arm of ICE.

(2) Obama should order the border patrol to “stop harassing and scaring innocent people.” In other words, they should be given specific instructions not to to do their jobs.

They should not protect the states from invasion. Instead, the federal government should protect the invaders from the states.

(3) He should halt deportation proceedings for the DREAMers. They are illegal aliens, but deporting them can be stopped under “the time-honored practice” of selectively enforcing the law.

(4) The Labor Department should “redouble efforts to expose wage-and-hour violations endemic in the immigrant workplace.” In other words, the Labor Department should focus its energies … not on putting American citizens back to work, but on raising wages for illegal aliens who compete with the native unemployed.

(5) Obama can also “defend against the propaganda” that all illegal aliens are “by definition a class of criminals instead of people trapped in a web of bad laws, misguided policies and squandered potential.”

The millions of illegal aliens that have invaded our country are not the problem. The problem is that there isn’t enough lawlessness and anarchy on the border.

Alternatively, the federal government must use every ounce of its power to protect foreign criminals who live like parasites off American taxpayers from native citizens exercising their sovereign right to self government.

(6) The enforcement of existing immigration laws should be held hostage to amnesty for illegal aliens.

Oh yeah … after “progressives” get the amnesty they desire so much, then they are really going to step up enforcement against “people trapped in a web of bad laws, misguided policies and squandered potential.”

In return for surrender to amnesty for illegal aliens, we can get a nice shiny “Hope and Change” IOU from Barack Hussein Obama, Harry Reid, Keith Olbermann and The New York Times.

It is another promise on the same level as … hell, I don’t know … reducing unemployment, ending the Bush tax cuts for the rich, reviving the economy, balancing the budget, ending the foreign wars, bringing the millions of lost jobs back from overseas, creating a “post-partisan” and “post-racial” society.

No one who calls themselves a “progressive” should be allowed anywhere near power at the federal or state level.

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