The Next Front

State Senator Russell Pearce to push for an end of birthright citizenship for anchor babies in Arizona


We have killed the DREAM Act for at least two years. The enemy pushed the DREAM Act amnesty through the House and secured 55 votes for it in the Senate. It was their high water mark.

They came out of the lame duck a few yards short of a touchdown. We can breathe easier now because the midterm elections dramatically reduced their numbers at the state and federal level.

Working Within The System

The vanguard claims that elections don’t matter. They are wrong. It is difficult to exaggerate how wrong they are on this point:

(1) The number of pro-amnesty Democrats and Republicans in the Senate was significantly cut. Correspondingly, the number of restrictionists has risen. In particular, John Boozman will replace Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas in the Senate, a hardliner taking the seat of a DREAM Act supporter.

Even though they have the majority, the Democrats don’t have the numbers anymore to even consider moving a bill like the DREAM Act through the Senate. Robert Bennett and Arlen Specter won’t be there to work with them.

If the Democrats were to turn Scott Brown and the Maine twins, they still won’t have the numbers to block a filibuster when the reinforcements hit the field. And besides, even if an amnesty were to pass the Senate, it would die in the House.

(2) At the federal level, the most dramatic victory was in the House, where Nancy Pelosi and her “progressive” friends were overthrown. The Treason Caucus which voted for the DREAM Act as their last slap in the face to White America will be gone. They will be replaced by the most restrictionist House of Representatives since 1924.

Mike Castle, Bob Inglis, Charles Djou, Joseph Cao, Vernon Ehlers, and Lincoln Diaz-Balart, 6 of the 8 Republicans who voted for the DREAM Act, will be gone. The Lamar Smith and Steve King tag team will be in charge of the committees where immigration policy is addressed.

Amnesty is dead in the water for two years. Now that Republicans control the House, we can fund the border fence, hold Joe McCarthy-style hearings on the Obama administration’s pandering to illegal aliens, push for E-Verify, the end of birthright citizenship, and other important pieces of legislation.

(3) The defeat of the DREAM Act and the empowerment of restrictionists in the House will push the mentally unstable Luis Gutierrez off the cliff. Illegal aliens are stupid enough to believe they can take to the streets and force Congress to reward them with amnesty through the use of Civil Rights Movement tactics.

That will backfire on them, raise awareness of the immigration problem in Red America, increase racial polarization, and make our job easier heading into 2012.

(4) The defeat of the DREAM Act and the triumph of restrictionists in the midterm elections means that Hispanics got absolutely nothing for delivering the White House to Barack Obama. They got nothing out a Democratic president, 256 Democrats in the House, and a near Democratic supermajority in the Senate.

Barack Obama won’t be able to move an amnesty through Congress over the next two years. He now has to deal with restrictionists like Steve King in Congress who will use their committees to grill his enforcement policies. He will be forced to step up enforcement while delivering nothing to his own supporters.

This will deflate Hispanic turnout in 2012.

It will be easier to elect a Republican president (if we get lucky) who will appoint restrictionist judges to the Supreme Court and the other federal courts. This will provide indispensable air cover to all the laws that we can pass at the state and local level.

(5) Needless to say, the most important victory in the midterms was the crushing defeat inflicted upon Democrats at the state level, which in states like Alabama and Georgia (9 Democrats have defected since the election) has all but destroyed the Democratic Party.

Republican governors and Republican controlled state legislatures now have a free hand to move forward with Arizona-style immigration bills in at least a dozen other states. If states like Alabama and Georgia can pass their own version of SB 1070, they can start driving out the illegal alien population like Arizona has done.

(6) The sweeping Republican victories at the state level means that Republicans can now redraw congressional and state legislative districts (because of the 2010 census) which will further increase their numbers and punish pro-amnesty Democrats.

This could potentially put the House out of reach for pro-amnesty Democrats for a decade.

(7) Tea Party primary challenges scared Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John McCain into voting against the DREAM Act. Even when the challenges failed, as in Arizona or Alaska, it was sufficient to deliver a message.

Dick Lugar is already wearing a huge target on his back. I suspect his recent contemptuous behavior is proof that he has already made the decision to retire.

(8) The victory over the DREAM Act and in the state legislatures has built confidence. When Whites start to believe they can win, they will press on, open their wallets, and push harder for change than they would otherwise. This builds momentum which can turn defeats inflicted upon the enemy into a rout.

The Rout

Next year, restrictionists will open up with an offensive drive on immigration across three fronts:

(1) In the House of Representatives, Steve King and other Republicans will push for an end to birthright citizenship for anchor babies. Every year 340,000 anchor babies are born to illegal aliens. Stripping them of U.S. citizenship is an imperative.

(2) In Arizona, Russell Pearce will open the next front and push for the end of birthright citizenship on the state level. At least a dozen other states are likely push identical bills through Republican controlled state legislatures.

(3) I have already shown that multiple states will be making a push for their own version of SB 1070. The fight will kick off in January across the South with Georgia leading the pack.

The ideal scenario: the Obama Justice Department is overwhelmed with lawsuits against the states which are defeated by the Supreme Court. Under siege, illegal aliens join Luis Gutierrez in his ridiculous “civil rights” uprising, which spectacularly backfires, and is broadcast into every conservative home through talk radio and television.

We ride the ensuing wave of racial polarization into a triumph over Barack Obama and further legislative victories at the state level. The opposition crumbles under the weight of its own defeats and demoralization.

Illegals begin to return to Mexico.

Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of work to be done.

There are practical things we can start doing right now to improve our situation. The path to victory is working within the system, organizing the so-called “lemmings,” moving the goal posts, winning at the margins, steadily building confidence, making life ever more inhospitable for our enemies, advancing to the next front, and building momentum.

Consider the alternatives:

(1) Crying on an internet wailing wall.

(2) Praying for the collapse of civilization.

(3) Impotently attacking our enemies with mere words.

(4) Going psycho like James von Brunn.

(5) Immersing yourself in an elaborate fantasy world.

(6) Escaping into navel gazing.

(7) Hiding out in a bunker.

This can work.

I’m willing to hear arguments to the contrary. I am open to persuasion on the point. Explain to me how any of the above alternatives are more effective (i.e., the best bang for the buck) than working within the system to advance our views on immigration.

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