Offense Formation

Defeating Dick Lugar: Change we can believe in


Roy Beck recently noted that we have spent a solid decade playing perfect defense on immigration. Now it is time to go on offense.

Meet the face of La Reconquista in America: Dick Lugar

Dick Lugar is now the most disgusting race traitor in the U.S. Senate. Even Lindsey Graham (after twisting his limp wrist) voted against the DREAM Act. Lugar has repeatedly given the finger to his constituents in Indiana.

Lugar voted for the DREAM Act twice, voted to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, voted for the TARP bailout, and voted to confirm Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.

The good news is that Lugar has to run for reelection in 2012. He will have to run in a Red State with favorable demographics in which he has made a lot of enemies among other important constituencies. Pride comes before the fall.

The good news is that a rumor is already circulating that Indiana state senator Mike Delph, who is leading the push for an Arizona-style immigration law in Indiana, is considering mounting a challenge to Lugar in the 2012 Republican Senate primary.

Dick Lugar is easily the biggest target for White Advocates in the Senate in 2012. I can smell an opportunity for us to take action (the effective way) and make a real difference here.

The Hard Right and Dick Lugar

In The Hard Right thread, I wrote about applying the insights learned from the Arizona showdown over SB 1070, the rise of the Tea Party, and the defeat of the DREAM Act to start winning some victories at the margins. A primary victory over race traitor Dick Lugar by someone like Mike Delph or John Hostettler would be a huge boost to our cause.

The real story behind the defeat of the DREAM Act was the Tea Party. There were 12 Republican Senators who voted for the DREAM Act in the past, including Orrin Hatch and John McCain who once sponsored it, that refused to vote for it this time around because of their fear of the Tea Party cadres of “lemmings” and Joe Six Packs.

Think about it: Christine O’Donnell’s defeat of Mike Castle in Delaware, Joe Miller’s defeat of Lisa Murkowski in Alaska, and J.D. Hayworth’s near defeat of John McCain in Arizona, while unsuccessful, scared enough Republican Senators to convince them to hold the line on the DREAM Act and other issues.

There were also successful Tea Party challengers like Rand Paul in Kentucky and Mike Lee in Utah. They succeeded in striking fear into the Republican establishment. Only a few stubborn holdouts like Dick Lugar haven’t got the message.

The moral of the story: even if we win a big primary but fail to win the general election, we can still succeed in sending our message.

What was the secret of the Tea Party’s success? It was nothing more than learning how to channel their anger and resources in a more effective way or getting better at gaming the system.

The Tea Party worked within the system, organized the “lemmings,” exploited social media to build a grassroots opposition, built their own fundraising institutions to establish financial independence, played on the resentments of disaffected conservatives and used the primary process to build momentum and draw publicity to their cause.

They focused all the resources and energy that we see in the White Nationalist movement like a laser scalpel to change the composition of Congress and the state legislatures in their favor.

Now why can’t we do that?

Adapting To Our Habitat

There are some important differences between the Tea Party and the White Nationalist movement. I have a decade of experience in the White Nationalist movement and I am just now getting familiar with the world of mainstream conservatism.

Let’s quickly run through the obstacles to copying the Tea Party model:

(1) The Internet – Mainstream conservatives use the internet to vent their frustrations (this happens on Free Republic every day), but they don’t generally use it as an outlet for fantasism and escapism.

They post on the internet under anonymous pseudonyms, but they are just as active in the real world. They use the internet as a fundraising and organizing tool.

Theoretically, there is nothing stopping White Nationalists from doing this. What’s the difference between WaffenSS14/88 on Stormfront and ThomasPaine1776 on Free Republic dropping a donation?

Fundraising can be done anonymously. That shouldn’t be a problem.

(2) The Taboos – The most important difference is obviously that “racism” is socially taboo. If you come out as a “racist,” there are groups that will try to punish you with social ostracism and employment discrimination.

That’s why White Nationalism doesn’t have a presence on the ground comparable to its popularity on the internet. People are afraid of losing their jobs. Anyone who makes up excuses and says otherwise is simply a liar.

(3) Rhetorical Radicalism – The majority of White Nationalists subscribe to the false idea that it is “radical” to run your mouth in cyberspace for a few hours every night under an anonymous pseudonym while doing nothing to reverse our decline in real life.

They are adverse to moderating their rhetoric, starting with the status quo, working within the experience of their audience, and working with people who they perceive to be not as “radical” as themselves. Many White Nationalists don’t have the patience to move the goalposts and make incremental progress. They desire nothing short of instantaneous, sweeping transformative change – a prescription for failure if there ever was one.

Another popular idea in White Nationalist circles is refusing to set priorities and vote for anyone who isn’t a perfect, flawless candidate (i.e., a Hitler on a White Horse). They immerse themselves in a fantasy world where Congress should be a place for debates among angels and saints.

Having failed to find any angels and saints in Congress, they reject the political process altogether, which empowers our enemies and reinforces their political marginalization. After all, if you are a powerless pacifist, why would anyone have any incentive to join you?

(4) Alienation – I won’t say anything further about the alienation of the vanguard from ordinary people. This is self evident and has been discussed at length on this website.

In a nutshell, that is the problem: taboos keep White Nationalism bottled up on the internet, rhetorical radicalism and alienation produce a failure to communicate, the vanguard leads racialists down a dead end road, and the internet is being used for destructive escapism and fantasism.

That is why White Nationalists are unable to emulate the success of the Tea Party. There is no hope for the people (at least not yet) who are determined to follow that destructive path. On the other hand, there are White Nationalists who are familiar with these problems and who are looking for solutions.

The solution, as I see it, is this: we got to accept reality as our starting point, work within the system, adapt our message to our audience, and start pushing the envelope and scoring victories at the margins wherever possible. After we establish our legitimacy and build momentum, then we can push forward in a more radical direction.

At a stroke, this solves the problem: If you are not alienated anymore, you can move among ordinary people and talk to them. If you prioritize results over rhetoric, you are not adverse to adapting your message. If you accept starting with reality, then you move freely within the mainstream and start organizing people for change.

Dick Lugar: What To Do?

What can we do about race traitor Dick Lugar? Quite a lot.

(1) Fundraising – The vast majority of us are not Indiana residents. We can’t vote against Dick Lugar ourselves. However, we can work to empower those who live in Indiana, hate this scumbag, and want to be rid of this embarrassment to Hoosiers and Red America.

Money is the oxygen of politics.

If you have money, you can run negative advertisements on television and radio and in newspapers. You can finance cadres of activists to get your candidate on the ballot and turn out the vote on election day. You can directly contribute to the challenger candidate.

So there is ample opportunity here for out of state White Nationalists to make mischief in the Indiana Republican Senate primary in 2012. As the situation develops on the ground in 2011, I will be posting some specific and practical proposals for action.

(2) Votes – If you live in Indiana, you can relish the opportunity to vote against Dick Lugar that those of who us in other states don’t have. There is nothing stopping you from voting against him in the primary or organizing other people in your state to vote against him.

If every White Nationalist in Indiana voted against Dick Lugar, it wouldn’t make a difference. In a Republican primary, it is the conservative vote that matters. The implication of this is that your anti-Lugar message will be far more successful if it is crafted in the language of implicitly White conservatism.

Remember what Alinsky said: the right thing is almost always done for the wrong reasons. In the end, it is the result that matters. Well, there is no shortage of wrong reasons that can be used to persuade Republicans and mobilize Indiana conservatives to vote against Dick Lugar, and a successful insurgency should hit every note, especially the ones that resonate the most with primary voters, which should be hit repeatedly in forums (like talk radio shows) which cater to large numbers of voters.

(3) Propaganda – There is nothing stopping out of state White Nationalists from contributing to the propaganda war against Dick Lugar. The only real question is whether or not we want to be effective.

In order to be effective against Dick Lugar, the propaganda has to be specifically targeted at the implicitly White conservatives likely to vote in the Indiana Senate primary. It has to be molded in terms of their experience to be effective.

So let’s not waste our breath and money accusing Dick Lugar of being a tool of the Jewish conspiracy (which is probably true, his thirty pieces of silver are likely hidden somewhere) or anything so radical that Hoosiers are unlikely to process the message. The only thing that should interest us here is getting the desired result which is the scalp of this friend of La Raza and public enemy of White people in the Midwest.

What is needed is a new website where this permanent campaign against race traitor Dick Lugar can be conducted without having the distraction of being marginalized as “racist” and “extremist.” The sole purpose of the project would be to turn implicitly White Indiana conservatives against race traitor Dick Lugar and ensure his defeat in the 2012 Republican Senate primary.

We need to look at the NumbersUSA model. All they really do is publicize his anti-White votes on immigration bills like the DREAM Act. We need a website that will publish every single negative thing Dick Lugar has ever done to betray his constituents and a focal point (with the legitimacy necessary to circulate) where a constant drumbeat of talking points and propaganda can be shot at him over the next two years.

There are people in the pro-White movement with the skills and incentive to create an anti-Lugar NumbersUSA-style website from scratch.

(4) Research – The propaganda war against Dick Lugar will require a lot of research. We need people willing to dig into the history of this race traitor and identify every compromise and sell out of conservatives that he has ever committed. His betrayals on immigration in the Senate and affirmative action would be great ammunition to use against him.

This can also be done from out of state and coordinated through email. Then it can be posted to the crypto website and fired into the maelstrom of mainstream political debate in Indiana conservative circles.

Final Thoughts

If you are sick of losing and seeing our enemies like Tim Wise brag about our inevitable racial decline, this is a worthwhile project that you can contribute to. This is a chance to be effective and make a difference by helping to knock off our worst enemy in the Senate on immigration.

White Nationalists desperately need a victory. Without victories, we cease to believe in ourselves, and lack the confidence to push our agenda forward. This is a movement that we should be able to get behind. It is a healthy exercise in political activity for Indiana, the nation, and our cause.

Let’s get started.

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