The Hard Right

Harry Reid attempts to screw over White America and fails

District of Corruption

The final victory over the DREAM Act on the Senate floor in Washington yesterday was an important milestone in carving out a space for the “Hard Right” in pro-White circles.

I can envision a new tribe of White Nationalists that are relentlessly practical, realistic, engaged with the system, optimistic, adaptable, sympathetic towards ordinary people, not alienated, focused on tractable goals, willing to work with conservatives, make incremental progress, and reach out to build bridges to a mass constituency.

The motto of this movement: bark softly, bite modestly, but most importantly, hit back.

Yesterday, a faction of the White Nationalist community chose to “hit back” against the coalition of our enemies pushing the DREAM Act amnesty, and helped to deliver a knock out punch to their legislative agenda. They won’t be pulling themselves up off the floor for at least two years.

We have learned a few lessons from this experience:

(1) Conservatives are not worthless – Conservatives are not worthless. If properly motivated and organized, they can win important victories. The lion’s share of the credit in defeating the DREAM Act goes to the grassroots conservatives who lit a fire underneath wavering Republican Senators and forced them to vote for our agenda or gamble with political suicide.

(2) Ordinary people are not lemmings – The entire mainstream media spent four months pushing the DREAM Act, but White people were smart enough to see through their lies. The fate of the DREAM Act was literally in the hands of John McCain and Lindsey Graham. There were enough “lemmings” out there in Arizona and South Carolina though (and Montana and Nebraska too, it seems) to scare them into voting no on cloture.

(3) Better is better – The enemy is reacting to the defeat of the DREAM Act with threats to punish Democratic Senators, withhold votes from Barack Obama, and go nuclear with a full fledged civil disobedience campaign that will result in more racial polarization which works in our favor.

This victory over the DREAM Act has energized restrictionist forces with a new boost of confidence and serves as a fresh reminder of our ability to flex our political muscle to get what we want out of politicians. We can now turn our attention from playing defense this year to shifting into offense formation next year.

(4) The system is not broken – It turns out the system wasn’t broken after all. The problem was that White Nationalists had been led astray by fantasists and the vanguard, lacked a realistic strategy for fighting back, and had grown so alienated and unsympathetic that they were unable to communicate with their audience or properly analyze political reality.

As amazing as it sounds to some White Nationalist ears, the problem all along was that the enemy was just better at gaming the system than we were. When effective organizations like NumbersUSA started to correct this imbalance, we began to turn the tide on the immigration front.

(5) The collapse wasn’t necessary – A collapse of civilization wasn’t necessary to win the battle over the DREAM Act. You could sit around in your pajamas, crack open a cold beer, and bombard wavering Senators with emails, phone calls, and keyboard strokes, or if you are a talk radio host like Michael Savage, you could just run your mouth for hours on end until a sufficient number of lemmings were screaming at the capitol switchboard about “amnesty” to make voting for the DREAM Act radioactive.

(6) The collapse didn’t come – The collapse hasn’t come along to boost the sagging fortunes of the vanguard. On the contrary, the victory of the DREAM Act has demonstrated that it is a much more effective use of your time to work within the system, speak modestly, organize through groups like NumbersUSA, and form alliances with the hated conservatives to twist the arms of the likes of a Jon Tester or a Ben Nelson.

(7) ZOG stumbles – Every Jew in the Senate voted for the DREAM Act. Jewish organizations like the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society were pushing the bill. The Jewish media was putting out relentless propaganda in support of the DREAM Act.

Guess what?

The omnipotent Jews lost this round. They lost it because Jewish Power cannot compete with White Power when Whites get serious, organized, angry, engaged, and determined to fight back – something which hitherto has rarely happened.

The problem all along was that the Jews and their allies were better at gaming the system. The solution was for Whites to catch up and make progress along the learning curve.

(8) Reform wins the day – Empty threats of revolution did nothing to stop the DREAM Act. Neither did hiding out in a bunker, crying on vBulletin and WordPress wailing walls, living in a fantasy world, or the Laptop Luftwaffe bombarding comment threads with radical anonymous electrons.

When all that anger and energy was channeled through votes, primary challenges, fundraising for Tea Party candidates, and organizations like NumberUSA, and then redirected like a laser at the House and Senate in Washington, it made all the difference in the world.

Final Thoughts

This works. That doesn’t.

That is the thought I take away from the fight against the DREAM Act. I first got involved in the White Nationalist movement over my concerns about immigration. I now see a way to start making some progress on this issue.

My instinct is to fight back. That is where I am headed next year. We are going to “take action” all right, but in an effective way. I am going to take the lessons learned from Arizona, the success of the Tea Party, and the defeat of the DREAM Act to map out a “Hard Right” strategy for advancing pro-White views into the mainstream.

Yes, We Can

… if we want to get serious about reversing our racial decline.

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3 Responses to The Hard Right

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  2. Devi says:

    Excellent article, but I disagree on “the system is not broken”. If the hard-right ever gains power, we will have to seriously modify the democratic system if we want to retain it. Such as disenfranchising non-landowners or women or non-Whites or even slowly phasing out Democracy altogether. The peasantry, even Whites, cannot be trusted to be loyal and intelligent in their decision-making. Of course, this is a truth that must be hidden until the time comes, but I don’t doubt many middle-class and above conservatives agree with this, secretly.

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