Georgia Takes Action

Deportation "Surge" set to escalate in Georgia prisons


Last month, I wrote a post analyzing the outcome of the 2010 midterm elections in Georgia, and the implications it would have for the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens now infesting The Peach State.

I pointed out that Nathan Deal’s triumph over King Roy Barnes and the incoming Republican supermajority in the Georgia state legislature meant that the restrictionist wish list on immigration would be on the table in January.

The situation on the ground in Georgia is escalating as the clock ticks down to 2011:

Georgia Republicans are prepping for an all-out push on the issue when the Legislature convenes next month. They have pre-filed two bills — to prevent illegals from attending Georgia’s public colleges and to block their employment by state and county governments — and formed a special committee charged with drafting comprehensive laws to stem illegal immigration.

“Washington’s failure to get ahead on this issue has forced states like Georgia to take action,” said Gov.-elect Nathan Deal’s spokesman, Brian Robinson. “It is a priority.”

Groups who advocate for immigrants, meanwhile, are bracing for a fight. They say they know what’s coming. . . .

That’s what I am talking about.

We’re not about to sit on our ass in Georgia and Alabama while foreign criminals invade our country and start making noises about taking over around here. There isn’t going to be any running away like a coward to the Northwest.

We are going to fight back. Legally at first.

This is a winning issue. The White majority in Georgia and Alabama is on our side. Let’s see Barack Hussein Obama send Eric Holder down here to pick a fight with us over the “civil rights” of illegal aliens.

That’s exactly what I want to see happen. They tried that in Arizona which didn’t even involve us and it stirred up a hornet’s nest. There isn’t much love for Washington around here as things stand. I want Barack Obama and Eric Holder to transform the immigration issue into a tyrannical federal overreach and states rights issue thereby creating a path to my desired result.

I want all the Hispanics in Atlanta led by Luis Gutierrez to replicate Los Angeles 2006 when they buried the city in Mexican flags. Bring on the “civil rights tactics” that we have been hearing so much about.

The ideal situation would be to have Obama send in the National Guard to “free” illegals incarcerated in Georgia prisons and to  “integrate” rioting illegal aliens into Alabama and Georgia state universities. Luis Gutierrez is delusional enough to believe he could actually get away with that.

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