Ron Paul’s Latest Gaffes

Does Ron Paul want to lose?

District of Corruption

In 2008, I voted for Ron Paul in the Republican presidential primary. There has been some buzz on the internet that Paul might run again in 2012.

If he continues to pick unnecessary fights with conservatives on the basis of libertarian purity, he will only further isolate himself and end up as another discredited perennial candidate.

(1) The Ground Zero Mosque – A few months ago, Ron Paul came out in defense of the Ground Zero Mosque. Paul threw his support behind Barack Obama and loaded any future presidential campaign with a huge albatross that will limit his appeal to Christian voters.

(2) Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Earlier this year, Ron Paul voted to repeal the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. If he runs again for president, Paul is now saddled with that albatross as well, and can look forward to spending much of his time explaining his support for gays in the military.

(3) Charles Rangel – Most of our readers are aware of the Charles Rangel corruption scandal. Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to censure Rangel. Benjamin Jealous of the NAACP had appealed to the House to “show fairness” in a Politico article.

Ron Paul voted against censure.

(4) Wikileaks – Ron Paul is now making a stand for Julian Assange of the Wikileaks scandal. It seems Paul wants to reinforce the impression that he is soft on national security.

That was the most damaging accusation leveled against him in the Republican primary last time around. It allowed fools like Mike Huckabee and Rudy Guiliani to run ahead of him in an anti-war election.

It is a shame.

If Paul runs in 2012, he could theoretically gain traction with issues like illegal immigration, foreign wars, the national debt, government spending, the size of government and monetary policy. There are a lot of other winning issues that Paul could campaign on like affirmative action. He could have positioned himself at the forefront of the Tea Party as Sarah Palin has done.

Instead, Ron Paul will now get to spend the campaign talking about his support for Julian Assange, Charles Rangel, Bradley Manning, and the Ground Zero Mosque. Lew Rockwell’s fellatio of progressives has been taken to a ridiculous extreme. This strategy of outreach to the Left hasn’t produced any reciprocity from their ranks. Just look at the vicious attacks Rand Paul endured in Kentucky.

If Ron Paul is serious about running for president in 2012, he needs to fire his advisors. He can’t afford to be weighed down by any further albatrosses of this sort.

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One Response to Ron Paul’s Latest Gaffes

  1. L says:

    I think it’s obvious that you’ve missed the point. He’s standing up for those things because he believes in standing up for what’s right, Republicans be damned.

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