Cracking Colorado

Colorado is a tough nut to crack.


The defeat of Tom Tancredo in the Colorado Governor race was the bitterest pill to swallow of the midterm elections. The loss of Tea Party candidate Ken Buck added to the sense of disappointment.

Upon closer inspection, Colorado wasn’t as big a setback as I once imagined. There are some underreported reasons for optimism in this state.

(1) Aesthetic Beauty – In terms of natural beauty, Coloradans know they are holding a winning hand. The Southern Rockies offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in North America. Tourism is a big industry in Colorado. The scenery in Aspen alone (one of many resort towns in the state) is so spectacular that the average price of a home there is a cool $1.8 million dollars.

Grab your snowboards.

(2) Population – Colorado dwarfs its Rocky Mountain neighbors. Whereas 544,270 people live in Wyoming and 1,545,801 people live in Idaho, there are 5,024,748 people living in Colorado. It is the regional pivot of the Mountain West.

In Wyoming, a House district represents 9,000 people and a Senate seat represents 17,000. An Idaho House seat represents 22,802 people and an Idaho Senate seat represents 44,165. In Colorado, a House district represents 77,303 people and a Senate seat 143,560.

A White Zionist settling in Wyoming has 3x the impact of a White Zionist moving to Idaho and 9x the impact of one moving to Colorado. If you want to move to Colorado over Wyoming, you need to bring along 8 other likeminded people to have the same effect.

For this reason alone, Colorado is not the most favorable destination for White Zionists. On the other hand, Colorado is the dominant state in the Mountain West. The success of the White Zionist project in small states like Idaho and Wyoming will largely depend upon the fate of neighboring big states like Colorado and Washington.

White Nationalists in Colorado are thus in a position to offer invaluable assistance to their White Zionist brethren in the Interior West . . . should they be inclined to do so.

(3) Demographics – The demographics of Colorado are dispiriting to White Zionists. Non-Hispanic Whites are 70.7 percent of Colorado’s population. Hispanics are 20.3 percent. Blacks are 4.4 percent. Asians are 2.7 percent and Indians are 1.4 percent.

Colorado is one of the most liberal states in America. 27 percent of Coloradans are liberals. 37 percent are conservatives and 33 percent are moderates. Colorado is suffering from a huge SWPL infestation in the Denver metropolitan area. Over 60 percent of Coloradans are immigrants from out of state. The natives have been swamped by carpetbaggers from California.

By comparison, non-Hispanic Whites are 86 percent of Wyoming’s population and 84.5 percent of Idaho’s population. Liberals are 9 percent of the population in Wyoming and 15 percent in Idaho. Moderates are 34 percent in both Wyoming and Idaho.

The population of Colorado is less favorable to White Zionists racially (more non-Whites), demographically (a much bigger state), and ideologically (more liberals). It is important to keep in mind though that White Zionists come in many different types. As we have seen in the comments, some White Zionists are flat out unwilling to move to small rural states like Wyoming and Idaho.

Denver is the closest thing to New York City or Chicago in the Mountain West. The more urban oriented White Zionists should consider moving to Colorado where they can counter the SWPLs and assist other White Zionists settling in the smaller states to the north.

White flight should be put to good use.

(4) Ethnic Makeup – The largest ancestry groups in Colorado are 22% German, 18% Mexican, 12% Irish, 12% English. The ethnic makeup of Colorado used to be similar to that of Wyoming and Idaho. Obviously, that is changing because of the influx of illegal aliens and out of state migrants.

(5) Taxes – The taxation picture is less favorable in Colorado than Wyoming.

Property Taxes:

Wyoming – $1,012, 1.57% of income

Idaho – $1,213, 2.17% of income

Colorado – $1,395, 1.92% of income

Washington – $2,595, 3.52% of income

Excise Taxes – Cigarettes:

Wyoming – 60

Idaho – 57

Colorado – 87

Washington – 202.5

Excise Taxes – Beer:

Wyoming – $0.02

Idaho – $0.15

Colorado – $0.08

Washington – $0.26

Excise Taxes – Gasoline:

Wyoming – 14

Idaho – 26

Colorado – 22

Washington – 37.5

State Sales Tax:

Wyoming – 4.0

Idaho – 6.0

Colorado – 2.9

Washington – 6.25

State Income Tax:

Wyoming – No State Income Tax

Idaho – 1.6 to 7.8

Colorado – 4.63 Flat Tax

Washington – No State Income Tax

Colorado also has “special tax districts” in the Denver metropolitan area that provide for “the enlightenment and entertainment” of the public. Some of these amenities (i.e., zoos, museums, botanical gardens) might actually be worth the cost. I strongly suspect if I looked deeper into the matter that I would find it is just another way to siphon off taxpayer dollars to a hodge podge of leftwing community organizations.

The state ranks as follows on taxes: business climate (15th), state/local tax burden (34th highest), income taxes (16th highest), property taxes (23rd highest), sales taxes (25th highest), gasoline (31st highest), cigarettes (32nd highest).

The cost of living in Colorado is 5.3% higher than the national average. Wyoming’s cost of living is 7.6% lower than the national average. If you are a White Zionist moving to escape high taxes, you would be better off moving to Idaho or Wyoming.

(6) Health and Education – Colorado is an upscale state compared to its more rural neighbors in the Mountain West. There are plenty of good schools and public universities to choose from.

The Rocky Mountain Showdown:

Colorado ranks 24th in average teacher salaries and 2nd in persons over age 25 with a bachelor’s degree or more. By comparison, Wyoming is 16th in average teacher salaries and 40th in persons over 25 with a bachelor’s degree. Idaho is 39th and 38th respectively.

In terms of healthcare, Colorado is 21st in doctors per capita. Wyoming is 47th, Idaho is 50th, and Washington is 16th. If you have serious health issues, you would be well advised to settle in one of the more urbanized Western states like Colorado or Oregon.

(7) Crime – Colorado is middle of the pack in terms of violent crime. The state is 22 in total population, 30 in total crime index, 27 in violent crime, 32 in property crime, 34 in murder, 7 in rape, 39 in robbery, 24 in aggravated assault, 29 in burglary, 31 in larceny/theft, and 24 in vehicle theft.

(8) Grievances – 37 percent of land in Colorado is owned by the federal government. The state has land ownership grievances like most of the other Western states, but it is not as pressing of an issue here as it is elsewhere.

The land ownership grievance is mitigated by the fact that the federal government is a huge employer in Colorado. NORAD, Air Force Academy, and Peterson Air Force Base are located there. Because of the large U.S. military presence, the fate of Colorado will weigh heavily upon its more sparsely populated neighbors.

Colorado is home to America’s fifth largest population of illegal aliens. Tom Tancredo came out of the Denver suburbs. The state also pays more in taxes than it receives in services. White Nationalists will have more success in stirring up anti-government sentiment in Colorado with these issues.

(8) Climate – The climate of Colorado is milder than that of Wyoming. The state is not as windy. There are hot summer days and cool summer nights. It snows in Colorado but not as bad as Michigan or Wisconsin.

Tornados are a problem in the Eastern Plains. The state ranks highly in terms of lightning strikes and violent thunderstorms. Compared to hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, blizzards, and tsnuamis, natural disasters are not as big a threat in Colorado as they are in many other states.

(9) Economy – The economy of Colorado dwarfs that of Wyoming and Idaho. In 2008, the total state product of Colorado was $248.6 billion to Wyoming’s $27.4 billion and Idaho’s $43.6 billion. Undoubtedly, it would be easier for most White Zionists to find a job in Colorado. There are more economic niches to fill there.

(10) Purple State – Unlike Wyoming and Idaho, Colorado is an urbanized Purple State like Washington and Oregon. There are fewer conservatives and more illegals and liberals to deal with. Democrats hold both U.S. Senate seats and the Colorado governorship. The Democratic takeover of Colorado has been so successful that volumes have been written on the subject.

Barack Obama “needs your help” to keep Michael Bennet in the Senate for we can “fight for the change” we need:

Senator Michael Bennet discusses his support for “comprehensive immigration reform” below. In the 2010 midterm elections, Bennet defeated his Tea Party challenger Ken Buck by less than 2 percent of the vote.

Elections have consequences.

(11) Zionist Model – The Utah model is a non-starter in Colorado for the same reason it fails in Washington and Oregon. Colorado is too big of a state with too many SWPLs and Hispanics for White Zionists to have much of an impact.

White Zionists would likely have far more success in Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and the Dakotas. At the same time, 60 percent of Coloradans are migrants. White Zionists settling in Colorado would draw less attention in a Denver suburb than somewhere out in rural Idaho.

(12) Cities – Colorado has eleven cities with a population over 100,000. All of them have large numbers of Hispanics. Cities like Denver and Boulder are infested with SWPLs.

Denver – 610,345 (population), 50.4% (non-Hispanic White)

Colorado Springs – 399,827 (population), 72.2% (non-Hispanic White)

Aurora – 324,655 (population), 48.9% (non-Hispanic White)

Lakewood – 141,943 (population), 73.3% (non-Hispanic White)

Fort Collins – 138,736 (population), 72.2% (non-Hispanic White)

Thornton – 117,003 (population), 61% (non-Hispanic White)

Westminster – 108,850 (population), 69% (non-Hispanic White)

Arvada – 108,172 (population), 81% (non-Hispanic White)

Pueblo – 104,877 (population), 32% (non-Hispanic White)

Centennial – 100,837 (population), 83% (non-Hispanic White)

Boulder – 100,160 (population), 80% (non-Hispanic White)

(14) Neighbors – Colorado is surrounded by smaller neighbors. As I noted above, it is the geographic pivot of the Mountain West. The economy of Denver is based largely upon its centralized location. The parts of neighboring Utah, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska which border Colorado are thinly populated.

Winning in Colorado is the key to victory in the broader region.

(15) Jobs – As of September 2010, Colorado had an 8 percent unemployment rate. The far larger and more diversified economy of Colorado ensures that there are many more jobs there for White Zionists looking to settle in the Mountain West. If your migration decision is dependent upon your success at finding employment, Colorado is a state you ought to look into.

(16) Fiscal Responsibility – Illegal immigration is a huge drain on Colorado. The state currently has a budget deficit between $50 million and $257 million dollars. The budget gap could easily be eliminated if illegal aliens were not such a crushing burden upon Colorado prisons, schools, and hospitals.

(17) Jewish Question – There are 78,620 Jews in Colorado. Jews are 1.75% of Colorado’s population. By comparison, there are 430 Jews in Wyoming and 1,100 in Idaho, where Jews are less than 1% of residents.

(18) Non-Religious – 25% of Coloradans claim no religious affiliation. Unlike Idaho, Protestants are 44% of Colorado. Catholics are 19% and Mormons are 2%. Atheists and Evangelicals give Colorado its unique religious flavor.

(19) Strategy – White Zionists would have a far greater impact in Wyoming or Idaho than Colorado. The Centennial State is overrun with Hispanics and SWPLs. There are more Jews there. “Blues” are far more competitive and dominate state politics.

White Nationalists come in different stripes. Many White Nationalists are urban animals and are either unable (due to health problems) or unwilling to migrate to small, rural states like Idaho and Wyoming. Colorado, Washington, and Oregon are more attractive destinations for White Zionists of this sort. The small states are unlikely to secede or revolt on their own.

Aside from migrating White Zionist urbanites, I don’t see the White Zionist model enjoying much success in Washington, Oregon, or Colorado. These are huge, highly populated states dominated by metropoles that tilt state politics to the left. This is something they have in common with Illinois and Pennsylvania where Chicago and Philadelphia play a similar role.

It will be up to the natives of Washington, Oregon, and Colorado to reverse their decline. In Colorado, which has one of the largest Hispanic populations in America, the Georgia model is the obvious solution.

Georgia is infested with blacks, Hispanics, and SWPLs in the Atlanta metro area. Yet Georgia is now on the verge of becoming a one party state. The difference between Georgia and Colorado is that White voters are far more racially conscious and polarized in the Deep South than they are out West.

The presence of large numbers of Hispanics in Colorado can be used as a foil to polarize Whites and elect Republicans in the Tancredo mold. Coloradans should look to Arizona where the Georgia model is already in full blossom. A Republican dominated state legislature could pass laws which would gradually make Colorado more inhospitable to SWPLs and Hispanics. They would leave and go elsewhere.

Harold Covington’s Northwest Quartet relies upon vanguardist terrorism to accomplish this objective. Working within the mainstream to criminalize illegals and erode Democratic constituencies (like disenfranchising black felons) is a much more realistic course of action. This model is already enjoying success in Arizona and Georgia.

(20) Objections – For twenty years, Colorado has been operating on the “worse is better” theory. Life has steadily gotten worse for White Nationalists in Colorado on almost every front. The Hispanic population has swelled as illegal aliens have flooded in. SWPLs have swept in from California. Democrats took over and have pursued policies like amnesty for illegal aliens designed to make matters worse for White Coloradans.

In 2008, Colorado voted for Barack Obama. At this very moment, Colorado’s Democratic Congressmen and Senators are working with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to push the DREAM Act through Congress. Coloradans have nothing to gain from empowering their enemies. That type of insanity never works.

Terrorist campaigns are the wishful thinking of alienated vanguardist daydreamers. Any White migration is likely to go elsewhere. Barring the abandonment of Colorado, the only solution is to elect Republicans like Tom Tancredo, polarize Whites, and win victories at the margins to crush the Democratic Party and steadily drive out anti-White constituencies.

Colorado has to become more like Alabama, Arizona, and Georgia. If it doesn’t, it will steadily become more like California until the map for Whites there slips out of reach.

(21) Politics – I said at the outset of this post that there are some underreported reasons for optimism in this state. The fate of White Coloradans is nowhere near as dire as the headlines in the mainstream media have suggested.

(1) The GOP Establishment – The GOP establishment is weaker in Colorado than in Wyoming, Idaho, Washington or most other states. Tom Tancredo ran on the Constitution Party ticket and heavily outperformed the Republican candidate Dan Maes. Ken Buck was a Tea Party candidate. The Centennial State is favorable territory for insurgents.

(2) Tom Tancredo and Ken Buck – I’ve taken a hard look at the Buck and Tancredo losses in Colorado. It is clear that the Hispanic vote was not the cause of the demise of either candidate.

Hispanics were 12 percent of voters in 2010. Their turnout was down from 13 percent in 2008. Tancredo lost because he split the White vote with Dan Maes. Hickenlooper won 46 percent of the White vote to Tancredo’s 41 percent and Maes’ 13 percent.

Ken Buck lost to Michael Bennet 47.7 percent to 46.8 percent. In the Colorado Senate race, Whites went 49 percent for Buck, 46 percent for Bennet, and 5 percent for Independent candidates. Buck lost because he underperformed in the Western Slope region.

In Arizona, Jan Brewer and John McCain were easily reelected with over 70 percent of Hispanics voting for their Democratic challengers. In Texas, Rick Perry was reelected with over 70 percent of Hispanics voting for Bill White.

The difference between Colorado and Texas or Arizona was that Brewer, McCain, and Perry won the White vote by a much greater margin.  Whites are 80 percent of the electorate in Colorado. If Republicans can win in Texas, Arizona, and Georgia by such wide margins, why can’t they win in Colorado?

(3) Secretary of State and Attorney General – If you look down ballot in Colorado, you will see that the myth of the Hispanic vote fails to hold up to close scrutiny.

In the Colorado Secretary of State and Attorney General races, Scott Gessler and John Suthers won 804,953 votes and 908,026 votes respectively. In contrast, Ken Buck got 783,426 votes and Tancredo got 620,626 votes. Gessler and Suthers were elected as Republicans whereas Buck and Tancredo lost their races.

(4) House and State Legislature – Aside from Ken Buck and Tom Tancredo losing, it was a good day for Republicans in Colorado. They picked up two seats in the House (Colorado 3 and Colorado 4) at the expense of John Salazar and Betsy Markey. 4 out of 7 House seats in Colorado are now controlled by Republicans.

In the 2008 to 2010 session, the Colorado House was split 37 to 27 under Democratic control. In the 2010 to 2012 session, it will be split 33 to 32 under Republican control.

In the 2008 to 2010 session, the Colorado Senate was split 21 to 14 under Democratic control. In the 2010 to 2012 session, it will be split 19 to 16 under Democratic control.

In sum, Democrats held the Colorado governorship and a U.S. Senate seat (the F- Michael Bennet), which they already controlled, but lost 2 House seats (the F- John Salazar and the D+ Betsy Markey) and the Colorado House. They also lost a few seats in the Colorado Senate.

The only reason the Republicans didn’t win everything in Colorado was the chaos at the top of the ticket and state senators serving four year terms. Demographics haven’t swung to the point where Republicans are unelectable.

The Republicans who represent Colorado in the House are solid on immigration. Doug Lamborn has an A- and Mike Coffman has an A+. Cory Gardner and Scott Tipton will be a huge improvement over their Democratic predecessors.

(22) Colorado and Immigration – There are an estimated 263,000 illegal aliens living in Colorado. That is the fifth largest population of illegal aliens anywhere in the country. The stakes are higher in the Colorado immigration debate than almost anywhere else in America.

Colorado state legislators will be introducing Arizona-style immigration reform in the 2011 session of the state legislature. Republicans control the Colorado House. Democrats have a narrow majority in the Colorado Senate. There is a chance the legislation could squeak through the Colorado Senate because the other half of the chamber will have to face voters in 2012.

FAIR and CIS were in Colorado this afternoon testifying before a committee of Colorado state legislators. If Arizona-style immigration reform passes the Colorado state legislature, it will go to Governor Hickenlooper. If Hickenlooper vetoes it, proponents will go through the initiative process and try to get it on the ballot in 2012.

The polls have shown that anywhere from 50 to 61 percent of Coloradans support copying the Arizona law in their own state. Colorado has already passed several anti-illegal immigration laws since 2006. Democratic control of the governorship and state senate should not be interpreted as an insurmountable obstacle.

Cracking Colorado

White Nationalists in Colorado are looking at three options.

(1) Flight – Abandon Colorado and become a White Zionist in a sparsely populated Western state like Wyoming or Idaho. Wyoming is next door. A move there would be far less difficult for Coloradans than most other White Americans.

Unfortunately, the transformation of Colorado into a Blue State does not bode well for White Zionists in Wyoming or Idaho. There is nothing stopping SWPLs and Hispanics from moving there and becoming similarly disruptive.

(2) Fantasy – Abandon the political process. Escape into a fantasy world. Pin your hopes on the collapse of civilization, posting anonymous comments on the internet, or non-existent vanguardist terrorist campaigns. This option is synonymous with surrender.

(3) Fight – Coloradans can fight back in one of two ways.

They can run as explicitly White candidates like David Duke in Colorado. If they don’t run for office themselves, they could support candidates in Colorado that fit this description. Given the demographics of Colorado and the unwillingness of White Nationalists to face social ostracism and employment discrimination, I find this scenario highly unlikely.

Alternatively, White Nationalists could adapt to the existing political environment and work within the mainstream to move the goalposts in the manner I have described. This would mean working within the Republican Party (taking advantage of its present weakness) to defeat Democrats like Michael Bennet and elect candidates more like Tom Tancredo (gradually pushing the envelope in a more racial direction) who take a hard line on subjects like immigration and multiculturalism.

The short term goal would be to transform Colorado into a state more like Arizona, Texas, or Georgia. Whites are an outright minority in Texas, but racial polarization there has hobbled the Democratic Party and given hardcore restrictionists a real shot at driving out the illegal aliens infesting the Lone Star State.

Coloradans are looking down the barrel of the same demographic gun as Arizonans and Texans. The solution to this problem in Colorado is the same solution that Whites in the Southeast and Southwest are already converging on without realizing it.

The Next Jim Crow

The solution to Colorado’s demographic problem is to shutdown legal immigration, expel illegals, gut the 14th Amendment, increase the White birthrate, and slowly reconstruct the Jim Crow system. I know this sounds off the wall to White Nationalists who have converged upon the ideal of ethnostate, but I can already see this playing out, slowly and imperceptibly.

Colorado is one of many Heartland states that is already starting to fight back in small ways. Oklahoma and Arizona are pioneers in making life more inhospitable for illegal aliens. A whole slew of states are starting to pass similar laws all of which are designed to force out illegals through attrition and preserve the White majority.

It reminds of the late nineteenth century when the strong grip of the federal government over the defeated South began to wane. Racial attitudes were hardening across the country. Northerners became less willing to interfere in the internal affairs of the former Confederacy. States and cities in the South and West began to pass the first Jim Crow laws. This was about a decade out from the Plessy decision.

It didn’t seem like a big deal at first in the backdrop of slavery when cities like Montgomery and Louisville began to segregate streetcars and Californians began to make noise about the Yellow Peril. Likewise, it doesn’t seem like a big deal today when Oklahoma bans sharia law and Arizona empowers police officers to ask illegal aliens for proof of citizenship.

In the 1880s and 1890s, the South was evolving into a one party state. Perceptions of the past were changing. New customs were emerging. A new racial science called Darwinism appeared and discredited sentimental egalitarianism. The parallels can be seen in our own times.

Jim Crow has a bad reputation in the White Nationalist community. This is largely unwarranted. From the 1880s to the 1960s, Jim Crow succeeded in driving over half the blacks in America out of the South, a tangible result of white supremacy. The South came out of Jim Crow whiter than at any previous point in its history.

Fantasies of violent revolution aside, there is not going to be a sudden transition from Barack Obama’s America to a White ethnostate. If anything resembling a White homeland is ever created, there will likely be a much longer intervening period in which Whites gradually wake up, shutdown legal immigration, disenfranchise blacks, and make everyday life steadily more difficult for the non-White minority until it votes with its feet.

We have seen it happen before.

The White House was desegregated under Abraham Lincoln only to be resegregated under Woodrow Wilson. From Charles Sumner to Calvin Coolidge, America reversed its egalitarian course and stampeded in the opposite direction, at least in the Western and Southern states where Whites perceived a threat to their continued dominance.

The path forward in Colorado is to continue pushing the envelope and winning at the margins. We can start with policies like E-Verify, Arizona-style immigration laws, tough new penalties on employers, banning ethnic studies and affirmative action at the state level. We should keep pushing for ever more radical measures until we have created a web of state laws and local ordinances that start to resemble the old Jim Crow system.

Once we get the snowball of implicit whiteness rolling, a new era of explicitly racial politics will come more rapidly into view.

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