Lemmings Stampede

Conservative lemmings fail to realize that resistance is pacifism

The Vanguard

The term “lemmings” has long been a popular term of abuse for ordinary people among alienated vanguardists. It has been frequently used to poke fun at the unenlightened, herd like behavior of the conservative masses, who tend to do booboise things like organize, raise money, and vote in elections.

These ignorant hayseeds cannot see the superior wisdom of hiding out in a bunker, rejecting the political process, shunning moderates, failing to communicate, subscribing to conspiracy theories, waiting for “the collapse” of civilization, living in a fantasy world, navel gazing, insulting their audience, empowering our opposition, parading around in Nazi uniforms, and spending the majority of their time posting thousands of radical messages on online blogs and forums as an effective revolutionary political strategy.

You listen here, I will not forsake Satanism for the sake of “playing in Peoria.” We’ve made too many compromises already. A line must be drawn here. This far and no farther!

Here are some recent news items that reflect a veritable stampede of troubling lemming like behavior going on across America. I have already documented this nationwide movement of lemmings in Idaho, Utah, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Iowa, and Wisconsin.


In Nevada, state lawmakers in both chambers of the Nevada state legislature are gearing up to fight for E-Verify and an Arizona-style immigration law. There is another bill in the works which would impose an Oklahoma-style fee on illegal alien remittances to Latin America.

South Carolina

South Carolina has long been recognized as one of the states most likely to pass an Arizona-style immigration law in 2011. Republican lawmakers in the Palmetto State have confirmed that passing such a bill will be a “top priority” next year.


Some creative Tea Party restrictionists in California are attempting to run around Governor Elect Jerry Brown and the California state legislature by pushing an Arizona-style immigration law through the initiative process.

Even if the California initiative fails, Republican control of the House should prevent the federal government from pushing through an amnesty. That will keep some time on the clock in the Golden State.


Colorado state lawmakers will attempt to push an Arizona-style immigration law through the state legislature. If that fails on account of a Hickenlooper veto, they will also go through the initiative process. A healthy majority of Coloradans support passing Arizona-style immigration reform in their own state.


Oklahoma has been quietly cracking down on illegal immigration for several years now. State lawmakers there are pushing for an “Arizona plus” law that would abolish birthright citizenship and allow the state police to seize the vehicles driven by illegal aliens.

South Dakota

This morning brings news that South Dakota is another state that is working on “an Arizona-style bill to criminalize immigration-related offenses on the state level.”

In every case, let it be noted, the conservative lemmings did not get their way. Deval Patrick was reelected Governor of Massachusetts. Lincoln Chafee was elected Governor of Rhode Island on a promise to repeal E-Verify.

NumbersUSA “true reformer” candidates like Tom Tancredo in Colorado, Sharron Angle in Nevada, and Joe Miller in Alaska were defeated. Ken Buck lost to Michael Bennet (an F- on immigration). If they had won their races like Sen. David Vitter, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Lisa Murkowski would have been forced into retirement. Governor Tancredo would have signed an Arizona-style immigration law and any other good immigration bill to come across his desk.

Poor lemmings.

Will they ever learn that words are more powerful than deeds?

Note: In case you somehow missed it over the previous decade, tomorrow National Vanguard and VNN Forum will be airing the 1,045,476th encore episode of “Jews Suck” followed by “We’re Doomed.”

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