Phoenix Farce


Over the past week, I have spent a lot of time exploring the divide within the White Nationalist movement between the “mainstreamer” and “vanguardist” camps. There has been a furious discussion about this issue going on in the comments.

Normally, I don’t write on Sunday, but something happened yesterday of such relevance to this debate that I can’t help but comment on the matter. It appears our friends in the National Socialist Movement are back in the news.

This time around they returned to Phoenix to hold yet another successful police rally:

The NSM is trying to capitalize on White unease over non-White immigration to promote a National Socialist worldview in the United States. As we saw in Knoxville, the messenger is just as important as the message being sent. By refusing to adapt their rhetoric to the experience of their audience, the NSM has once again courted public rejection and associated patriotic immigration reform with Nazism.

It pains me that I have to struggle to point this out: Americans don’t want their immigration reform served with a side order of swastikas, anti-Americanism, and anti-Christianity. If you only separate this combo into its constituent parts and repackage the immigration reform in more palatable terms, you can seize power and get remedial legislation passed right now.

This debate should have been settled twenty years ago by David Duke’s political success in Louisiana. It is a testament to the stagnation of the White Nationalist movement since that time (caused primarily by the emphasis on “spreading ideas” anonymously in cyberspace) that we are still having it at this late juncture.

Both Tennessee and Arizona are great states for us. In the 2010 midterm elections, the Republicans captured control of the Tennessee governorship and state legislature. In the 2011 legislative session, Tennessee will almost certainly pass Arizona-style immigration reform, which has the support of over 70 percent of voters.

Across the Heartland, White America is poised to pass restrictionist laws (much to the regret of our enemies) on the basis of the Arizona model. I have already drawn attention to such movements in Utah, Mississippi, Texas, Iowa, and Wisconsin. More states are prepared to follow which I have yet to cover. I will be returning to this subject next week.

Some in the White Nationalist movement continue to insist that “shutting up and blending in” is not the path forward. In their words, it is “a prescription for oblivion, not progress.”  The NSM has taken their advice to heart and continues to press this model in the public sphere.

If everyone in Arizona was equally determined to follow them off the plank into the deepest waters of political insanity, I shudder to think where our cause would be today. Instead of driving over 100,000 illegal aliens out of the state this year alone, we would be welcoming them in ever larger numbers.

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