Iowa and Immigration

U.S. Rep. Steve King vows to "put an end" to anchor babies in America.


Iowa was the state that launched Barack Obama on the road to the White House. In 2008, Obama won the Hawkeye State with 53 percent of the vote. Heading into the 2010 midterm elections, Democrats held the Iowa governorship and both chambers of the Iowa state legislature.

Those were the days of “Hope and Change.” The state now has a severe case of buyer’s remorse. By 55 to 42 percent, Iowans disapprove of Barack Obama’s job performance. Since 2009, Iowa has gained 36,000 registered Republicans while losing 24,000 registered Democrats.

Last Tuesday, Republicans took the Iowa governorship, the Iowa House, and five seats in the Iowa Senate. They threw out three judges on the Iowa Supreme Court who voted to legalize gay marriage. Three incumbent House Democrats in Central and Eastern Iowa won reelection in close races. Two House Republicans were reelected.

It was a bruising night for the Democratic Party in Iowa. The Red Revolution has changed the political complexion of this Midwestern swing state. The consequences of this shift will soon be felt in both state and national immigration policy.

Iowa and Immigration

At the state level, Iowa’s new Governor-elect Terry Branstand is opposed to the ongoing attempt to turn Iowa City into a “sanctuary city.” He has also gone on record saying that he wants Iowa to adopt Arizona-style immigration reform.

66% of Iowans want to follow in Arizona’s footsteps. With Republicans in control in the Iowa House and a restrictionist Iowa Governor who is a full throated supporter of Arizona, the only hurdle for Arizona-style immigration to overcome is the Iowa Senate where Democrats are hanging on to power with a razor thin four seat majority.

Real immigration reform is more popular in Iowa than Barack Obama or Terry Branstand. By putting enough pressure on Iowa state lawmakers, we have a better than average chance of winning here and checking a box in the victory column.

The Inquisition

In the U.S. House of Representatives, Iowa’s Steve King won reelection and is expected to become the next chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration. The current chairman, Zoe Lofgren of California, was the politician who invited Stephen Colbert to testify on Capitol Hill on behalf of the AgJOBS bill.

There won’t be anymore of this nonsense under Steve King’s tenure. If you watch the video, you will see he isn’t amused.

King has promised to declare war on birthright citizenship, crackdown on employers of illegal aliens, and outlaw sanctuary cities. The House immigration subcommittee will also be holding hearings on the Obama administration’s deliberate neglect of our immigration laws. Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder will spend the next two years under investigation.

After January, “comprehensive immigration reform” and the DREAM Act will be dead for the next two years. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will make one last attempt at passing the DREAM Act in the lame duck session before surrendering power.

System Politicians

I’m dumbfounded by the “logic” of White Nationalist vanguardists with their truly infantile idea of turning our backs on “system politicians.” In states like Iowa, Whites are overwhelmingly predominant. Even in California and Texas, Whites remain a majority in the electorate.

By and large, White Americans are still in control of their own destiny. If Whites only set their minds to the task, they could throw the bums out and pass laws to preserve their majority. In states like Iowa and Texas, they are already trying to do so.

The 2010 midterm elections proved that voting matters. We killed “comprehensive immigration reform” for two years. We now have the power to go on offense on immigration across the Heartland. In Arizona, a recent study has concluded that over 100,000 illegal aliens have fled this year alone. We can and should be trying to export this model to other states.

Over the next few days, I will be taking a closer look at other states which are poised to join Arizona, Iowa, and Texas next year in the inevitable national showdown with the federal government over immigration. The political wind is blowing into our sails. Now is not the time to give up on engaging in mainstream politics.

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