Tim Wise on CNN

Nashville, TN

Tim Wise appeared on CNN this weekend to defend himself. He was interviewed by Don Lemon who asked him a bunch of pathetic softball questions. Lemon deliberately ignored the most incendiary remarks in the article and gave Wise a platform to lie and dissimulate:

Don Lemon, who has repeatedly brought Wise on CNN as a guest, described the article as “a withering rebuke of the white right” and goes so far as to make the revealing comment, “we know you tell it like it is.”

Wise stood by his anti-White remarks. He apologized for nothing. If Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh had said anything remotely like this, they would have been crucified in the mainstream media. If I remember correctly, the same Don Lemon bashed George W. Bush over the “slow response” of the federal government to Hurricane Katrina.

Lou Dobbs was forced out of CNN because Hispanics disliked his reporting. Rick Sanchez was fired for unintentionally drawing attention to the Jewish Question on a radio show. In the world of “white privilege,” you can openly call for the genocide of White America without suffering any consequences.

Glenn Beck’s website has finally picked up the story. Van Jones has chimed in via Twitter with his gleeful reaction, “Tim Wise is on FIRE!” “Hatewatch” has remained silent. After crying about Tea Party racism for months, Little Green Footballs weighs in with its nodding approval of the article.

The stink of anti-White racism now covers the entire progressive movement: from Tim Wise to DailyKos to The Huffington Post to Democratic Underground to Hatewatch to Little Green Footballs to Van Jones and through him to Barack Obama. This has also quickly become a story about anti-White media bias.

Nothing new has been revealed here: the whole point of James Edwards’ book “Racism, Schmacism” was that “anti-racism” is synonymous with “anti-White.” It is merely a rhetorical tactic to fool credulous Whites into dropping their shields. This is just one of the handful of the most memorable incidents that illustrate the type of racial double standards that Whites live under in America.

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