Angle and Anger

Smelling blood, Sharron Angle goes for the kill in the Nevada Senate race.


White America is furious.

For the past three months, I have written about little else. I have explored the connections between implicit Whiteness, the Tea Party, and the polarization of the United States into Red America and Blue America. White America is so angry that even a long shot perennial candidate with “extremist views” like Christine O’Donnell can succeed in this political environment.

The Capstone

If there was a defining moment of this election cycle, which symbolizes the changing mood of the White electorate, it came earlier this week in Nevada when Sharron Angle released a new political ad that bludgeons Harry Reid on immigration and multiculturalism.

You have to see it to believe it:

The dog whistle of implicit Whiteness is blown so hard here that it literally bursts your ear drums. Make no mistake about it. This is the closest thing to an explicit appeal to White racial consciousness that we have seen in years.

Hordes of marauding Hispanic barbarians invading White America while Harry Reid robs White families in the Senate to redistribute the loot in exchange for votes. A White family is terrified by violent criminals coming across the border. White children learn in school that Harry Reid is opposed to the English language. Reid sides with the President of Mexico over Arizona natives.

The culmination: “Harry Reid … it’s clear whose side is he on … and it’s NOT YOURS.” In a struggle between “us” and “them,” Angle is stands with White Nevadans while Reid supports the Mexican invaders.

The response from the Left was electric. Sen. Robert Menendez denounced “The Wave” as a despicable racist ad. Joy Behar of The View slammed Angle as a moron and a racist bitch who is going to hell for vilifying undocumented workers. Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann have waded into the fray with “racism” accusations.

Angle’s camp responded to Behar with a bouquet of flowers and a sarcastic little message: “Joy, Raised $150,000 online yesterday. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Sharron Angle”

Online donations came flooding in from across America. Angle has surged ahead in the polls. She now has a 3 in 4 chance of beating Reid next Tuesday. “The Wave” was a tie breaker.

Behar responded by upping the ante and making the contest even more about White racism. Much to the delight of the Angle campaign: “I’d like to point out that those flowers were picked by illegal immigrants, and they’re not voting for you, bitch!”

Moral of the story: at some undefined point over the past five years, it became an advantage for a White challenger to be browbeat with “racism” accusations by the Left  and MSM with less than a week to go before the midterm elections.

The Angle campaign certainly knew this ad would spark a race debate, but they calculated the resulting polarization (as we saw in Gatesgate) would work to their advantage, and that rallying the White electorate would propel them to victory in the Nevada Senate race.

The MSM’s legitimacy has sunk to such an incredible low that many White voters instinctively react against them and do the opposite of what they suggest. They figure: if Sharron Angle is being attacked as a “racist” by these elitist snobs, she must be doing something right.

The Temperature of White America

At the national level, what is playing out in Nevada holds true across much of the rest of the country. A new CBS preelection poll has revealed an enormous racial divide in perceptions of Barack Obama and the American future.

– 90% of blacks approve of Obama, 7% disapprove; 37% of Whites approve, 55% disapprove.

– 88% of blacks approve of Obama on the economy; 33% of Whites approve of his economic job performance.

– 85% of blacks say Obama has made progress on healthcare; 40% of Whites share that view.

– 90% of blacks are satisfied with the Obama presidency with 46% who are very satisfied and 44% who are somewhat satisfied; 36% of Whites are satisfied with only 8% who are very satisfied and 28% who are somewhat satisfied.

29% of Whites are somewhat disappointed by the Obama presidency; 34% are very disappointed.

– 48% of blacks think the next generation will be better off and 24% expect it will be worse; 56% of Whites think the next generation will be worse off and just 16% think it will be better off.

The CBS poll found that a shift among Independents was handing the midterm elections to the GOP. By 47% to 32%, Independent voters are breaking Republican. Independent voters are typically White.

The Guts of the Shift

The coalescing of the White vote can be seen in several key areas. According to The New York Times, Republicans have wiped out the historic Democratic advantage with Roman Catholics, women, the working class, and independents. In particular, women are expected to vote Republican in this election cycle for the first time since exit polls began tracking them in 1982.

25% of voters say they are willing to back an “extreme” candidate and 57% of voters are willing to take a chance on candidates with little or no experience. Such is the dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Congress has a dismal 14% approval rating. Nancy Pelosi, a lightning rod and liability to the Democratic Party, has a 15% national approval rating. Even if Democrats were to maintain their majority, Pelosi won’t be returning as Speaker of the House.

In the South, White Southern Democrats are being relentlessly tarred with the Obama/Pelosi brush and hunted to death with spending by outside groups. Several popular longtime incumbents are expected to go down to defeat. The GOP is expected to make bigger gains in the South in 2010 than in 1994 when the region famously tilted into the Republican column.

So there you have it: a polarized White electorate with its center of gravity in South, Midwest, and West, which is convinced America has been derailed, with tentacles that stretch deep into Democratic territory in the Northeast and along the Pacific Coast. The unpopular Republican Party is the most readily available vehicle for lashing out at a deeply unpopular political class that has betrayed White America.

Final Thoughts

If White Nationalists only had the will power and a reasonable strategy, they could easily make headway in these conditions. We only have this to work with: a terrible economy that is getting worse, a deeply unpopular black president, millions of illegal aliens making noise with periodic rallies, a discredited mainstream media, a political class with no legitimacy, a vulnerable GOP establishment, and a receptive audience in which only 16% of Whites think their children will inherit a better world.

We can make the existing political system more hospitable to our interests. 1/4 of House candidates are immigration hardliners. An even larger percentage is against “comprehensive immigration reform.” All this braying and crying about the end of the world is hopelessly premature.

As early as Tuesday, our enemies will be on the ropes. Let’s get busy winning.

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