Red October

In France, the end of the political class, set to the tune of Imagine.

(Editor’s Note: Secession Week will resume tomorrow. I’ve come across a few interesting news items that I would like to share and discuss today.)

Red America

I’ve spent the last several months building a narrative around the polarization that I see going on between Reds and Blues in America. If you have been following my commentary, you should know my position on the issue. It is in the best interests of White Nationalists to widen the gap and drive a wedge between the two camps.

The mutual loathing between Red America and Blue America could conceivably be stoked to the point where the Reds (like the Confederates before them) decide to throw in the towel on “Restoring America” and secede from the Union. With the legitimacy of the federal government crashing to record lows and ideas like nullification and state sovereignty entering the mainstream, this is no longer a far fetched scenario.

We’re not in JFK’s America anymore.

White America has lost faith in Washington. As bad as the situation is today, it will only get worse as non-Whites grow in numbers and become more assertive about crazy redistributive schemes like Obamacare, especially in the context of precipitous economic decline. A rebellion in Red America, even if its starts as a non-racial tax revolt, would inevitably become racial in tone because of the polarization between its supporters and opponents.

With that in mind, I want to take a look at a few news items, which can be interpreted as pieces of a larger historical puzzle:

1.) Lawmakers in 14 states are collaborating to create and pass legislation that would deny birthright citizenship to illegal aliens. Arizona and Pennsylvania are taking a leadership role. These states are joined by Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, and Utah.

Whites in the Heartland are clearly reacting to the threat posed by Hispanic immigration. Undoubtedly, if we were to look at the supporters of ending birthright citizenship, we would find that virtually all of them are Reds who are represented by Republicans, who ultimately desire to limit the number of Blues (Hispanics) who support the Democrats.

2.) As we saw in Jacksonian America, the Democratic Party continues to bleed in the South, where the Clinton Coalition is falling apart. Democrats are losing the Bubba vote. The last holdouts among White rural conservatives are joining the Republican Party. It took half a century to accomplish, but Jacksonians will soon be reunited under a common political umbrella, which has implications for the GOP establishment.

3.) In North Carolina, the preliminary results of early voting shows that White Republican men are storming the polls, as expected. White conservatives are showing the highest level of enthusiasm in this election cycle. More people have voted this year in the midterm primary than had turned out at this point in the 2004 presidential election.

4.) Meanwhile, the political class ensconced in the Beltway continues to live in a Bubble World, not unlike the court of Louis XVI at Versailles. Washington is radically alienated from Middle America.

5.) Barack Obama’s coalition is falling apart. 1/4 of the voters who supported Obama in 2008 are defecting or entertaining the thought of voting for the Republicans.

60% of Obama voters were White. With Obama’s approval rating among blacks hovering at a cool 91%, it doesn’t take a political genius to figure out that it is the White flank that is collapsing, particularly in the Upper South and Midwest where Hopium was used to sucker Whites into voting for a clean cut, articulate Al Sharpton.

6.) Jesse Jackson is using explicit racial appeals to blacks to rally them around the idea of “guarding the change.” Obama himself has discarded his “post-racial” message. He too has been targeting the black community with racial appeals, insidiously comparing Republican candidates to Antebellum slaveowners trying to oppress runaway slaves.

In spite of its aracial, economic message, the Tea Party has been an incredible source of racial polarization simply on account of its proven ability to turn Whites against Obama and provoke Blues into hysterical overreactions. The lesson to be learned here is how moderate, aracial rhetoric can be skillfully used to polarize Whites and create a political landscape more favorable to the pro-White cause.

HAC on Red America

Before closing, I would like to note that I am not the only one to notice these trends, and reflect upon their implications. In the latest episode of Radio Free Northwest, Harold Covington had some surprisingly positive things to say about getting involved in mainstream politics.

HAC also recognizes that there is a lot at stake here. If the Republicans retake Congress, all versions of amnesty, whether “comprehensive immigration reform” or piecemeal poison pills like the DREAM Act will be off the table for at least two years. A Republican Congress could launch racially polarizing investigations into the Holder Justice Department or the endemic corruption within the Congressional Black Caucus.

This could clear the stage for an Obama defeat in 2012. White America’s repudiation of the “first black president” would set off a racial firestorm the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the MLK assassination. A gridlocked Congress would also further erode the legitimacy of the federal government. It will be the third election cycle in a row where “throwing the bums out” proves an insufficient solution to America’s long term problems.

The ideal solution, secession and the creation of an autonomous White Republic, can only come about in a racially charged political environment where Whites have been provoked by outrageous, intolerable behavior on the part of the federal government.

This is the theme we will return to tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Red October

  1. Daybreaker says:

    Radical Shriek
    Lefty academics convene in Berkeley to try to make sense of the Tea Party movement.
    By David Weigel
    Posted Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010, at 10:00 PM ET

    “I wonder if we’re likely to see a Timothy McVeigh situation,” says Nicholas Robert, an attendee originally from Australia, who basically wonders if any Tea Partiers can be arrested. “It seems to be that we’re being very polite. I wonder if there are any legal mechanisms—one that comes to mind are the provisions used to crush the Wobblies.”

    He gets no sympathy from the academics. “I think that’s a dangerous road to go down,” says Berlet.

    Abramowitz finds me and whispers into my ear. “In Berkeley,” he says, “you’re seeing the other side of polarization.”

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