The Bigot Whisperers

Phil Rockstroh on Red America.

New York City, NY

From his lofty perch in New York City, the “poet” and “philosopher bard” Phil Rockstroh has written an attack on the White working class of Alabama, whose rage he claims is misdirected by the paranoid perception that their sense of identity is under attack.

Rockstroh claims to have grown up in Birmingham. His father was employed as a “freelance photojournalist” during the Civil Rights Movement. The elder Rockstroh would come home with his “mind reeling” from the “brutality” of the “white underclass.”

There is hardly a leftwing cliché that isn’t found in this terrible article.

The “bigot whisperers” of the Far Right are stirring up the paranoid authoritarian white trash yokels (i.e., James Howard Kunstler’s “Cornpone Nazis”) with scaremongering about blacks and homosexuals. It is all an astroturf conspiracy to enrich Corporate America and The Man. Americans have the right to attack anyone but the powerful corporations that control the government and the mass media.

The ignorant, angry White masses behind the Tea Party are faux populists. Their possession of firearms wards off “their unfocused sense of dread” and “mitigates” the “unease inherent in feeling helplessly unmoored” as they travel along the “soul-devoid US interstate.” Ordinary people aren’t logical enough “to navigate the novel landscape” that one is cast into “when one’s sacred beliefs are challenged.”

Blue America vs. Red America

I’m hard pressed to find a more distilled version of Blue America’s contempt and hostility toward Red America. It is a striking illustration of the gaping cultural divide that now exists between the White majority and America’s cosmopolitan ruling class.

Phil Rockstroh has never lived among ordinary White people and fails to understand their ways. He is exactly the type of rootless, alienated, cosmopolitan intellectual that the Tea Party despises and is desperately trying to dislodge from the seats of cultural power in America.

I can easily picture this bohemian urbane aesthete strolling around New York City, wandering aimlessly with his head in the clouds, imagining himself as being on the side of “the workers,” while simultaneously looking down his nose at the moral inferiority of all the “bigots” who surround him. It is unlikely he has worked a real job a day in his life.

White Americans have every reason to believe their culture and sense of identity is under attack:

– Under multiculturalism, Whites alone are denied a positive sense of racial identity. Instead, they are educated by the public schools and mass media to feel a collective sense of racial shame.

– Whites really are being physically displaced in the United States. The U.S. federal government deliberately neglects the Mexican border. Powerful special interest groups really are tirelessly working around the clock to reduce Whites to a demographic minority.

– Blues have relentlessly attacked and undermined the White nuclear family with feminism, gay marriage, gay adoption, abortion, birth control, youth rebellion, expressive individualism, sex education, consumerism, no fault divorce, atheism, and repeal of the anti-miscegenation laws. Every conceivable avenue of attack on the White family has been pursued.

– There really are powerful organized interest groups led by the ACLU dedicated to eradicating Christianity in the public sphere. Christmas has been replaced with “Happy Holidays.” The Ten Commandments have been hauled out of the Alabama Supreme Court.

– Economically, Whites are under attack through free trade policies, wealth redistribution to minorities, and an exploding national debt that will inevitably result in long term tax increases.

– Whites really are physically under attack in the major cities by black criminals. The home security industry, White flight, and the expansion of prisons have only mitigated the problem. Interracial violent crime statistics are utterly lopsided.

– Hollywood really does portray White America in a negative light in its movies. Political correctness is enforced in academia and the corporate world.

– Whites have experienced five decades of racial discrimination through affirmative action.

– There really are plenty of Blues who would like nothing better than to gut the Constitution so they can legally take guns away and establish hate speech laws. This is already the norm in much of the West today.

In America, only the strength of the organized gun rights opposition and constitutional obstacles have prevented this scenario from unfolding.

Phil Rockstroh’s article is dripping with hostility toward Red America. Whites see these attacks and logically respond to them by circling the wagons and adopting a defensive posture, not because they are “dupes” of corporations.

Blues like Phil Rockstroh really do want to “fundamentally transform” America. The Reds who have swarmed into the Tea Party movement really do want to preserve their cultural heritage and dislike these proposed changes. Hence, all the talk of “taking our country back.”

The Alien

It will come as no surprise to White Nationalists that Phil Rockstroh claims partial Jewish ancestry. I’m bringing this up because it is clearly relevant to his cultural criticism of Red America.

In “A Zionist’s State of Mind,” Rockstroh writes:

“To this day, within me, there are traits of cultural Judaism that have not been washed away in the deluge of shame I experience when confronted by the actions of the state of Israel and the casuistry of her apologists. Deep in my genetic structure, I carry tribal memories of Diaspora and its concomitant feelings of alienation from majoritarian culture. Most often, I still apprehend human existence from the perspective of an alien and interloper, believing my survival is dependent upon knowing where I stand in hostile terrain. By rote, I play the role of the outsider, wary and savvy in my dealings with a hostile gentile world.”

That explains a lot.

At the same time, Phil Rockstroh is equally alienated from Israel and traditional Judaism, not unlike the legions of other destructive Jewish cultural critics that Kevin MacDonald has documented over the years. This sense of double alienation – from Red America and one’s own ethnic roots – is strongly associated with the Blue sense of identity.

Eric Kaufmann has called cosmopolitanism a “surrogate ethnic identity” that hatched out of Reform Judaism and radical Protestantism. That seems to fit what we are seeing here.

It would explain the hostility of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow to Red America. These Gentiles clearly belong to the same tribe as Phil Rockstroh. They don’t have anything in common with the Whites in the Heartland either.

The Aliens Within

At the same time, I can’t help but reflect on the similarities between Phil Rockstroh and some White Nationalists that I know. I’m referring to their radical rhetoric, their sense of alienation from ordinary people, their arrogant contempt for the ideas of their social inferiors, their effete aesthetic sensibilities, their intellectual navel gazing, and other lifestyle preferences.

I can easily imagine Phil Rockstroh and some White Nationalists finding a lot of common ground: their common hatred of Christianity, American conservatives, patriotism, neo-liberal capitalism, the boorish rednecks in Middle America, and so on. If they could only get past the ideological divide and anti-Semitism, their shared counterculture mores should allow them to get along famously, whether it involves walking the dog or chatting at the local bookstore in San Francisco.

I’ve never really thought of the White Nationalist movement as being divided between “Reds” and “Blues” before. Yet I am starting to think such a division exists. It exists within the conservative movement. Logically, it should exist within our own ranks.

If you take some conservatives and White Nationalists aside, giving them night off from ideology, their cultural, ethnic, and regional similarities will allow to find a lot of common ground. At the same time, White Nationalists and progressives are divided over race and Jews, but share the same perspective on lots of other issues.

I wonder how these divisions will play out in the years ahead.

In the context of a triumphant implicit whiteness, I imagine some White Nationalists and conservatives could find points of convergence, say, on issues like multiculturalism and immigration, while the alienated White Nationalist counterculture would remain in radical opposition to cooperation and dialogue, a trend that can already be seen today.

We can either build bridges or burn them. The next few years should decide which faction gains the upper hand.

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5 Responses to The Bigot Whisperers

  1. Thanks for the late nights laughs, John (would you mind, if I nicknamed you, Chuckles?) … even coming from The Provinces of Reality (the far, far Provinces of Reality) these remarks of yours are very funny … in the kind of way velvet paintings of sad clowns are.

  2. Jerry says:

    Here’s something funny. After reading Phil’s substance-less comment above, I scrolled back up and took another look at that picture of him. Try it right now, if you want.

    Hey Phil, what was that about sad clowns again?

  3. Tanstaafl says:

    First they laugh at you…

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