One Nation

"One Nation" rally polarizes Red America and Blue America.

District of Corruption

Blue America rallied in Washington this past weekend. Unlike Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in August, the “One Nation” rally on the National Mall was an explicitly political event, a “popular front” against the Tea Party organized by 400 leftwing organizations. It wasn’t the brainchild of a single dynamic television personality with a cult following.

By all accounts, Ed Schultz of MSNBC stole the show, with a blistering condemnation of conservatives (42% of Americans) as “forces of evil” who “don’t believe in freedom” and who are “holding down” minorities. Schultz laughably accused conservatives of  “discrimination” and wanting to “suppress the vote.” Given the reaction of the audience, he obviously struck a chord with the deranged progressive crowd in attendance.

The Blue elite is claiming that upwards of 175,000 people attended the “One Nation” rally. Aerial photographs of the crowd show that progressives didn’t turn out a fraction of the number of people who attended “Restoring Honor.” The composition of the crowd was also revealing: it was composed almost exclusively of leftwing special interest groups:  homosexuals, urban hipsters, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, a smattering of unionized workers, and SWPL gentry liberals.

Progressives have lost the American Heartland.

In spite of this, Sally Kohn is claiming that “One Nation” represents “the vast majority” of Americans. “Organizations like the NAACP, the National Council of La Raza, Green for All, the Sierra Club, the Children’s Defense Fund and SEIU stand for the core, shared values of our nation.” Glenn Beck and the Tea Party only represent a “very vocal minority.”

Just the opposite is true.

The “very vocal minority” is actually the Blue elite, the hated political class, which wields disproportionate power in the universities and mass media, and their non-White vassals who comprise about a third of American citizens. The “silent majority” remains White America which is about two thirds of the population and a much larger share of the electorate.

The special interest groups that turned out in DC do not represent any “core, shared values of our nation.” These groups have no legitimacy in Red America anymore. The White majority has never heard of Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow much less Ed Schultz. They watched college football on ESPN this weekend, not Al Sharpton and Benjamin Jealous in Washington.

Lessons for White Nationalists

The White Nationalists reading this post are asking themselves: what does this partisan sniping and grandstanding have to do with us? How is it relevant to White Nationalism?

1.) Ed Schultz’s “One Nation” was a response to Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor.” In August, I predicted that “Restoring Honor” would lead to a polarizing overreaction from the Left, which would further drive a wedge between Red America and Blue America. Labeling conservatives “forces of evil” on live television has thrown gasoline on the fire.

2.) The importance of “Restoring Honor” and “One Nation” (and “Restoring Sanity” and the “March to Keep Fear Alive”) is the polarization that is being created. We want to destroy the sense that Americans are “all on the same team.”

We are not on the same team. The NAACP and NCLR are not “on our side.” The people who rule this country, the political class, are our sworn enemies, and the more White people who realize that, the easier our revolutionary task will be.

3.) The ongoing polarization is leading to a collapse of legitimacy in the political class. Red America is slowly coming to the conclusion that its rulers are an alien elite who must be expelled from power before they “fundamentally transform” America.

You don’t listen to people who are perceived as being your enemy. White America is tuning out The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and so forth. The advantage of the political class has always been their ability to pump subversive means into a largely passive population. That is rapidly changing.

4.) An elite that is losing its legitimacy, through cracks in the “cake of custom,” or the customary deference of ordinary people to their rulers, is slowly losing its grip on power. A weak elite which is losing its ability to enforce taboos works to our advantage.

5.) At the same time, the GOP establishment has simultaneously suffered a collapse in legitimacy, which has provided an opening for “outside agitators” to exploit. Remember, it was the Republican elite that castrated the conservative movement, and moderated the more radical edges of its agenda.

In so many words, the barriers that have kept our ideas out of the mainstream are weakening. There are vulnerabilities emerging that should be intelligently exploited.

6.) Look at this way: virtually all the Jews in America, not to mention the worst hanger-ons among Whites, are being isolated on Blue Team which is losing its credibility in the eyes of Red Team. Meanwhile, Red Team is in chaos and is being provoked to the point of rebellion.

7.) Progressives were able to organize their own rally through building Alinsky-style “People’s Organizations” out of smaller organizations.

Lessons for Conservatives

Since the “One Nation” rally was targeted at the Tea Party, the lessons for conservatives are quite clear:

1.) The political class despises you. In the words of Ed Schultz, you are “forces of evil” who are “holding down” minorities. These people have no credibility. They hate Middle America. Why should you listen to them?

2.) Progressives use universal rhetoric (i.e., “One Nation”) to disguise their sectarian agenda. They want to redistribute your wealth to a coalition of privileged special interest groups. If you are a White, Christian, taxpaying heterosexual male, the backbone of America, the so-called “One Nation” doesn’t include you. It only includes parasites.

3.) These race based interest groups like the NAACP and La Raza have the chutzpah to accuse you of racism. Glenn Beck went out of his way to appease these people at “Restoring Honor.” You are rewarded with still more wild, unsubstantiated accusations of racism. Accept there is nothing you can do to escape this charge.

Al Sharpton and Benjamin Jealous don’t have any credibility. Why should you care what they think? They say what they think. Why shouldn’t you? If 99% of blacks are going to vote against you, why should continue to stretch out a hand that is only going to slapped away?

4.) The smaller crowd at “One Nation” is proof that Red America is stronger than Blue America. You can overwhelm the Blue elite. They are fear your growing numbers, organization, and militancy.

5.) White Nationalists might be hopelessly disorganized and infested with sociopaths and kooks, an inevitable consequence of political marginalization, but they are right about a number of things, namely, the hostility of Jews and non-White interest groups toward White America. These people want to break White America demographically and feast like a pack of jackals upon its carcass.

6.) You have succeeded in spite of a relentless barrage of accusations of racism. The taboo against “racism” doesn’t have the same cachet it used to. The Left has played the race card to the point where it has been exposed as nothing more than a cynical political strategy: call someone a mere word, something like a witch, and they fold their tent.

7.) Know your enemy. The enemy is Al Sharpton, Benjamin Jealous, Ed Schultz and friends. The enemy is not a bunch of marginalized Neo-Nazis who are incapable of managing a lemonade stand.

8.) This election cycle has empowered conservatives. Why are conservatives empowered all of a sudden? It is because their has been a coalescing of the White vote. It is White America that has rejected Barack Obama and “One Nation.”

If you want to win, nurture this process and accelerate it. A united White America is unstoppable. A divided White America, as we saw in 2008, can be politically broken by its enemies.

Final Thoughts

White Nationalists: you need to get more realistic, organized, and practical in the real world. You also need to get over your alienation from your contemporaries, sympathize with them, identify with them, and establish a working relationship with them.

Conservatives: you need to abandon this fantasy of a multiracial utopia before it bankrupts and destroys your country while breaking your political power. The cheering throngs of non-Whites and SWPLs in DC  have rejected you. You can, however, blow the floor out from under Blue America by uniting White America, minus the unreachable progressives.

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