Dear Muslim World

Pastor Jones Embarrasses Blue America

The Beltway

In The Washington Post, Kathleen Parker has written an apology to the Muslim world that strikingly illustrates the gaping social divide between Red America and Blue America.

Parker begins her article by noting that she is not “representing anyone.” She speaks only for herself and the “many others” who “feel as I do.” In other words, she is speaking for the Blue elite and as a “member of the news media.”

Kathleen Parker and her friends are “deeply embarrassed” by current events in America, not their America of course, but that of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.

First, the irrational conservative rednecks out in the provinces have revolted against multicultural orthodoxy by opposing the Ground Zero Mosque. Second, a Pentecostal yokel in Florida recently made a name for himself by threatening to burn the Koran on September 11. Third, the Tea Party bigot brigade is mobilizing to end the Democratic majority in Congress.

These signs of “hatred” and “intolerance” in Red America were perceived by the Blue elite as a humiliating loss of face. They don’t want to be associated with their provincials in the eyes of world opinion. Blues accept as an article of faith their moral superiority over ordinary people who live in the countryside and cling to traditional values.

Their sense of identity is based on hostility and contempt toward Red America. This diatribe was inspired by a loss of status points in the transnational liberal cocktail circuit. Viewed from abroad, America looks less like a “city on a hill,” and more like a nation struggling to preserve its own cultural identity.

For Blues like Kathleen Parker, liberalism functions in much the same way that the elaborate court etiquette of Versailles once did in the days of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. It is a way of “putting on airs” or distinguishing yourself from ordinary people. The very senselessness of the act is the attraction.

Nothing in Kathleen Parker’s article indicates she understands her intended audience. The Muslim world tolerates the destruction of churches, the murder of missionaries, assigns the death penalty for converts to Christianity, engages in terrorism, and looks upon the non-Muslim world as a target for conquest. They don’t “agree to disagree” in places like Algeria or Saudi Arabia.

Parker’s real audience are other Blues who are acting out the same psychodrama. They are similarly preening in unison about their moral superiority over their next door neighbors. Their xenophilia toward Muslim outsiders is an expression of their xenophobia toward Red America.

The Blue elite is incapable of acting in the national self interest. They are beyond such parochial concerns. If they remain in power, there soon won’t be much of a nation left for them to rule, or for the rest of us to enjoy.

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2 Responses to Dear Muslim World

  1. Jeff says:

    I’m a rural yokel. I grew up in the country in Texas, and I, for the first time feel the need to comment on web article like this.
    First, stop continuing to stoke the bipartisan flames. If not because I asked nicely, then because your the kind of person who keeps this whole two Americas concept going. Creating and widening the perceived rift between “…Red America and Blue America.” helps none of us. We’re all Americans, Muslim-Americans too. If they want to buy space next door to ground zero and worship there, it’s their right to do so as they please, remember? If “Red America” wants it differently, then get the free market to buy the building next to the proposed Mosque and build a Christian center, or better yet, buy the old Burlington store for an obscene amount of money. If “Blue America” wants to volunteer constitutional attorneys to fight it to the Supreme Court, then they’ll, most probably, win this argument. If you want to play politics, act like children and bicker incessantly, then go find a sandbox.
    Second, that “Pentecostal yokel in Florida” did make an ass of himself and, by association, all Americans. Unfettered hate is literally what has gotten us into this mess. When is it time to take the high road? If not now, then when? Lead by example, not by yelling louder than the opposition.
    As for your whole “Blue vs. Red” battle for the political souls of America…it doesn’t actually exist. People like you made it up. A bipartisan system wasn’t even what the founding fathers intended. There are a whole bunch of white collar workers in both parties, and just as many blue collar workers as well. I have been all over America and it is more diverse and varied than the landscape that it is built on. That is why America became such a great nation in such a short period of time, because we have always attracted the best and brightest from the all over the world. We are multicultural, we are multiethnic, and we are not amused by this grandstanding. Why not actually take a tip from our historic leaders (such as John Pelham) and show some gallantry by working together to create a better place, rather than writing half-assed rebuttals to half-assed articles about the bastardization of American ideals and the people who point fingers at each other about it. If I found this page, then you, John Pelham, have an audible voice in America’s argument. You should be wiser about your use of it. When America fails, it will be due to the people who already knee deep in this argument. Get back to work America, we’ve fallen behind. And you too Pelham, back to work.

  2. coldequation says:

    I don’t think Kathleen Parker represents blue America at all. She’s a yokel herself, a graduate of a crappy state college in Florida. The fact is that almost every remotely mainstream figure condemned that preacher, from Obama and Bloomberg to Beck and Palin. Even Bill O’Reilly and Pat Buchanan called for legal action against him.

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