Heir Property: Al Sharpton’s Black Nationalism

Al Sharpton: District 28 is the "Heir Property" of negroes.

Eufaula, Alabama

A video has surfaced of the Rev. Al Sharpton speaking in my hometown on behalf of Johnny Ford, a black Democratic candidate, back in July.

According to Sharpton, Johnny Ford had to defeat Billy Beasley, a White pharmacist from Clayton, because our Alabama state senate district is the “heir property” of blacks like himself.

“Outsiders” are trying to take the “heir property” of the Civil Rights Movement. Al Sharpton, a native of Brooklyn, New York, considers himself an “insider” in East Alabama.

On what basis does Al Sharpton qualify as an insider? On what basis is Billy Beasley an outsider? On the basis of race, of course, which is supposedly irrelevant now in our “post-racial society.”

Most Whites in Alabama are intelligent enough to see through this charade. Beasley later defeated Ford in the Democratic primary with 62% of the vote. Unfortunately, the connection between race and politics isn’t so clear to Whites who live elsewhere in America.

Implicit Black Nationalism

A generation ago, negroes successfully diluted Black Nationalism into a more implicit brew. Instead of staking claims on American territory, race hustlers like Martin Luther King sold White America on the notion that they were “civil rights activists” who simply wanted justice, fairness, and equality for all Americans.

The radical wing of Black Nationalism, represented by the likes of Malcolm X and the Black Panthers, failed to sway the White majority. The moderate wing, represented by Martin Luther King and the NAACP, succeeded with their toned down rhetoric.

Blacks have been moving the goal posts for over a century now. Every concession by White America has led to more pushing of the envelope. It is a demonstration of how moderate demands contain the seeds of radicalism.

The Whites who abolished slavery and condemned lynching could not have imagined they were being led down a road toward miscegenation and race replacement. Similarly, the Whites who put Barack Obama in the White House are equally clueless that they are paving the road to his more radical successors.

Implicit Black Nationalism to Explicit Black Nationalism

The old radicals like Al Sharpton never gave up on their real dream of “bottom rail on top.” The White public has swallowed it in small doses over half a century. What in earlier times would have sparked a revolution is now passively accepted without comment.

There was a slow transition in “civil rights” rhetoric from pure colorblindness to racial discrimination to promote colorblindness to outright racial hostility to Whites in the name of social justice.

Under Ben Jealous, the NAACP is openly hostile to White America. It attacks Whites on the basis of race. Whites are so accustomed to surrendering to racial agitators that emboldened non-Whites no longer hesitate to push them around.

Al Sharpton will get away with staking a racial claim to my little corner of Alabama. He is a radical who has been driving a wedge into the American mainstream for his entire adult life. Our radicals could profit from reflecting upon the success of their opposition.

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