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A Harder Tea Party?

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I’ve followed with interest Albert Jackson’s creation of The Jacksonian Club. In recent weeks, I have taken a more practical turn myself.

I already know what is wrong with America. It is time to do something about it. If we can’t act to change our circumstances, then we are wasting our time here.

As for the Jacksonian Club, I think it is a clear step in the right direction. It is practical. It translates ideas into action. It takes people off the internet and gets them involved in the real world. It gives them a space in their communities where fragile online relationships can mature into solid friendships.

These are all worthwhile goals. It is the White Nationalist version of “moving the goal posts.”

Ideas vs. Action

That’s why I predict the Jacksonian Club will run into some of the same obstacles we encountered in Virginia. The truth of the matter is that many (but not all) White Nationalists are flat out unwilling to do anything in the real world.

It is not enough to spread White Nationalist ideas. You will quickly find out that there are already thousands of White Nationalists who subscribe to those ideas, who understand what needs to be done to get to the next level, but who are unwilling to act on those ideas themselves in the real world where it counts.

Ever get that old lecture from your parents? You knew it was the wrong thing to do, but you went ahead and did it anyway.

That’s the problem with the White Nationalist movement. They understand on an intellectual level that real world action is necessary to break the taboo against “racism” for the movement can grow, but they are not going to alter their behavior to succeed in that objective.

Harold Covington has said it a million times. The problem is character and the escape valve into a fantasy world that the internet provides.

Ordinary Americans

I’m not beating up on White Nationalists here. Don’t get me wrong.

I have said before that they are mostly ordinary Americans who just happen to have a 2% mental deviation from the mainstream. In terms of their character, White Nationalists are rather unremarkable. They are no better or worse than their contemporaries.

The problem is the success of White Nationalism requires men of extraordinary character who are capable of rising above their own limitations and putting themselves in real danger. It means giving up a comfortable middle class lifestyle in American suburbia.

Someone has to act in the real world to break the taboo against “racism” for ordinary people can start to organize behind the idea of the ethnostate. No amount of anonymous internet posting from the Laptop Luftwaffe is going to break that taboo or convince the federal government to surrender any sizeable chunk of American territory.

Implications for the Jacksonian Club

There are several clear implications of this observation for the Jacksonian Club:

1.) There will be an enthusiastic initial response from White Nationalists who will agree the Jacksonian Club is a good idea.

2.) There will be a drop off from the initial enthusiastic response to the number of people who are brave enough to talk on the telephone.

3.) There will be another drop off from people who are willing to talk on the telephone and discuss ideas to people who are willing to follow up on those ideas with action in the real world.

If the Jacksonian Club takes an explicit pro-White stance, it will accumulate a large following in cyberspace, but a much smaller one in the real world, which tends to be the norm for White Nationalist sites.

My Jacksonian Club

I fully intend to create my own Jacksonian Club in Alabama. As I said above, I consider it a worthwhile idea. I’m going to alter it somewhat though in light of experience.

The most important lesson I learned from my stay in Virginia is that in the real world, where it counts, there is no difference between Tea Party conservatives and explicit White Nationalists. The rhetorical radicals we see on the internet, who pillor conservatives for their cowardice, are themselves no more willing to stand up for explicit White Nationalism in reality than the hated conservatives are.

In reality, explicit White Nationalists themselves will not act without the fig leaf of mainstream legitimacy. They will not risk social ostracism or employment discrimination. That’s the bottom line.

So to get them to do anything in reality, which is to say anything effective, it has to be at the edge of the mainstream, where they can get involved without having to suffer consequences, but are still interested enough to satisfy their radical appetites.

That is the only way to do anything with them.

It is why I think a diluted version of the Jacksonian Club, one that takes root within the Tea Party, could enjoy more success. The people who are involved with the Tea Party already subscribe to a number of the key premises of the Jacksonian Club.

– They believe an alien elite controls America.

– They believe they have lost their country.

– They believe the mainstream media is hostile to them.

– They want to take their country back.

– They are receptive to ideas like securing the border.

– They think of themselves as outsiders.

– They are hostile to the GOP establishment.

– They have a vague, unarticulated awareness of their own whiteness.

When I create my Jacksonian Club, it will be designed to “sweeten” the Tea Party with a little pro-White sugar. It will operate within the mainstream to advance radical ends.

Unlike some more radical schemes, I think giving the Tea Party and the greater White backlash a harder edge, say, a stronger stance on immigration and multiculturalism, is a tractable short term objective. I think we can move our implicit White brethren within the mainstream along a more radical course.

It would be equally beneficial to explict White Nationalists to get them off the internet, communicating with ordinary people, and give them positive tasks which they can accomplish before they burn out, conclude that their situation is hopeless, or fall down the rat hole of fantasism.

The Jacksonian Club was designed to be a bridge between the far edge of the mainstream and the moderate edge of the fringe. I think this is a doable task and if successful could provide a workable model for combining radicalism with realism.

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