The Ruling Class and Red America

The Country Class vs. The Ruling Class

The Heartland

In July and August, Angelo Codevilla’s article about the Ruling Class vs. the Country Class in The American Spectator sparked two articles from H. Rock White. I have since elaborated and built on this theme myself.

It has now become clear the Codevilla article was even more popular than I had originally thought. It struck a nerve in Red America.

The Country Class vs. The Ruling Class went viral and was discussed across hundreds of websites. Rush Limbaugh spent three hours talking about it on his radio show. The article was so popular and inspired so much commentary that it is now being released as a book.

This is the latest piece of a larger puzzle: Red America is becoming conscious of its own distinctiveness. It feels oppressed by a hostile alien elite. Whites are slowly embracing their own brand of identity politics.

The shift can be seen in several key areas:

1.) Apathy to Engagement – Millions of White Americans who used to be apolitical or apathetic – Joe Six Packs and Sally Soccermoms – have suddenly become politicized. They are getting involved in the political process for the first time in their lives.

2.) Insiders to Outsiders – Under Clinton and Bush, White Americans felt like “insiders.” They subscribed to the illusion that they were in control. White America no longer feels like it is in charge. The majority of Whites reject Barack Obama. They are unaccustomed to the experience of not being able to select their rulers.

3.) Citizens to Subjects – Previously, White Americans felt like citizens, but the perception is growing that their elites treat them like subjects. They have “lost their country.” In reality, nothing much changed in the transition from Bush to Obama. The perception of political reality among Whites has changed dramatically though.

White Nationalists are too far removed from the mainstream to recognize the significance of the growing alienation in White America. It would be helpful to remind them of their own political saga.

Radicalization usually happens in stages.

In the first stage, the individual is excited by some issue or another, typically immigration, and grows passionate about it enough to care.

In the second stage, the individual realizes that the political process is broken, and ceases to feel like he is an insider or his voice is being heard in the mainstream.

In the third stage, the individual becomes alienated enough to conclude that the political process is a sham, a form of population control.

Red America is now at the fourth stage of radicalization: searching for answers.

In small doses, it must be administered the truth. Now that the patient is alienated, concerned, and attentive, it can finally be treated.

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